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    And for those that think like you.......

    Let me share something with you.

    When Unions first got started, they were to get the most possible money for a group of people that had a trade or craft that they were experts at. Builders, craftsmen, artists. They had a real value to offer the prospective employer. It was not until many years later that the "union" was used to control aspects of our economy, and union membership included many that had absolutely no talent to offer the employer but possibly a big mouth.

    Now, fast forward to my business. I build ponds, waterfeatures etc, something I always loved doing. I enjoy creating with water.

    I am not cheap. I am probably the most expensive pond builder in my area. But what I do offer is real value for my customers. That is why people that have had others install a 15-20,000 pond, call me for solutions. Most times, it is a total undo, and rebuild of what they installed. But what distinguishes me from the rest is the service. WHen I tell a customer something, we stand behind it. Always. And if a customer has a problem and is not totally thrilled with what we have built, then we will do what it takes to rectify the problem.

    We just got back from a problem with a pond in Charlotte. It was not my fault, or the customer's. But I fixed the issue, and did it under warranty, no charge because of the possible misperception the customer might have. Yes, it cost me 6 days hotel, two trips there and back, not to mention the materiels. This particular pond is also why I stopped being a subcontractor on ponds that other people have built. That way, I have total quality control over the whole project.

    But the business that I have established has been built on customer statifaction. That is all I have to offer. And that is why people dont have a problem spending 60, 80, 100,000 or more on a project with me, because they know I will stand behind their installation.

    Customer satisfaction is all that UPS has to offer. It sure is not a low price. IT is only a good value as long as the driver and company give the customer what they have paid for. Nothing less.

    I really believe for the most part, 75% or more of UPSers understand that concept, and do their best. I personally think its 90% or higher. Problem is that other 10% makes such a mess by not giving a damn about what UPS pays them so well to do.

    I hope the next time, before you tell a customer to take a hike, you think before you speak.

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    I don't think Faded's comment was made with that intent.
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    I guessed I missed that part of how to post on a chatsite. Just exactly how do you post intent?

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    Maybe, it comes from chatting with someone for a while and knowing a bit on how they think. I don't know how to post intent, but I do know that after a while you realize how someone thinks.

    Are we having a bad day, Danny? The issue you raised in the beginning of the thread is quite interesting. Until Popa started working for the AFL-CIO, things were so different. Don't try and talk to me about why Unions were started. I lived it.
  5. dannyboy

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    Ah but please take note, the fairer sex has always been able to know what someone is thinking, many times even before they think it. Not all of us have that gift.

    or curse?

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    I love women.
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    A thread with 88 replies and you single me out and take my words out of context. Did I say take a hike, or did you put your spin on it? You have been argumentative with everyone that tried to offer an explanation or present a possible solution.

    Was this one delivery typical of your long term service history at your home business with UPS or was it maybe an exception that angered you to come on hear and rant about it. I stand by what I said: If you are so dissatisfied you should go with FedEx. That would be your right as a consumer to use your shipping expense dollars to vote your preference. Maybe they can do a better job for you and your business, thereby reducing one area of stress.

    Not that it matters, but I'm an old school driver. Getting close to 60 and still doing this every day with no end in sight.
    I would have taken the pkg. to the business and taken it inside; I get paid by the hour.

    Your problem will not get resolved on this board. The squeaky wheel always gets the grease, but you're squeaking to the wrong people if you do indeed want grease. However, if you just want to rant about this one delivery that was clearly improper and embarrassing then no one can stop you.

    I will not have anything further to say concerning this thread.

    God Bless you and Happy Thanksgiving
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  8. DS

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    I had a post office pkg in my pkg car this week for a house 2 doors up from a real stop.
    I could've kept it,returned it to the building to go back to the post office,or do the one thing
    that made sense to me,deliver it.Most of us are capable of making the right decision,and there is no excuse
    for any driver,overdispatched or not,to be as irresponsible as this driver was.
  9. Anonymous 10

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    Let's all go to our corners. We are all upsers one big very dysfunctional family. I appreciate you both and I know I'm not the only one god bless you both.
  10. DS

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    What he said:peaceful:
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    I understand what DB is saying and I would like to add this for thought. The 10% that doesn`t give a damn is a direct result of the "current management" not giving a damn! There is no accountability at UPS anymore. Twenty yrs. ago, at my center, all management was treated the same as the drivers. If you screwed up, you were held accountable, period! Today, it`s a whole different story. Luckily (I think), I have been on the same area for over 23 years so if I screw up I can usually fix it the same day. IMHO
  12. dannyboy

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    From one UPSer to another

    End of story! May you have a week of wonderful blessings!

  13. dillweed

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    I don't understand the comparison of Dannyboy's personal pond building business and a massive company like UPS.

    In one business, one person interprets the instructions, chooses the materials, makes the decisions, actually works to follow his plan and has the power to change as needed, reaps the profits or suffers the losses personally.

    UPS hourlies are, in no way, going to think or act the same as a man who owns his own business.

    I understand a good days work and have no problem with it. But I've learned not to be a hero. There are times to reach out that extra bit and times to let managements poor decisions go ahead and bite them in the butt.
  14. dannyboy

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    Thats fine when its the company that pays that price. But the customer should never pay the price of poor decisions made. They paid a price, and in the case of UPS, a premium price for a service. They ought to get what they paid for, just like the company.

  15. Bubblehead

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    The company will pay the price when you take your business elsewhere.
    Till then management simply does notice, let alone care.
    If I continually jump through hoops to make adjustments for poor planning, all I get is more of the same in the ensuing days.
    As you might imagine, I voice my concerns and opinions daily, but when they fall on deaf ears it's ultimately the customer who suffers.
    So be it.
    That being said, I never hesitate to give a disgruntled customer like yourself my center manager's cell phone number as I know that the problem isn't mine and that he has heard me speak of it previously.
    Over time he has begun to listen when I speak and seldom does it come to this anymore.
  16. whiskey

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    God bless us, every one!
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    Ill stay out Im too tired to argue. Just wear your gloves and keep it clean.