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  1. crazygill

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    Has anyone heard of this comming down the pike from corp. we were told that we must show our full 50 min lunch in our diad even if we don't take a full lunch and if we don't they are going to turn our diad off between the 3 & 5 hr and fource it any info
  2. Gman24

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    This is nothing new. Ever since the very first diad, you are supposed to show your lunch in your diad no matter how you take it. There are 3 slots for you to put it in. If you take it at the end of the day, you should still put it in the board. If you work thru your lunch and don;t take it, then too bad for you just give it to UPS and let them take it. They do not have to "write you out" if they don't want to.

    You need to record what you are doing at all times throughout the day for your protection. The DIAD is actually your friend when it comes to stuff like that, use it that way. UNLESS YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE (and they will find it).

    It is contractual to take your full hour lunch and show it when you take it. You do not have to take it all in one hour.

    I don't know about the last part of your statement about the diad shuting down, that sounds like a croc of %@$$!
  3. over9five

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    "...about the diad shuting down.."

    That would be great! Then everyone would have to take their lunch, no exceptions. No more brown-nose lunchrunners.
  4. Gman24

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    AGREE!!!!!!! :thumbup1:
  5. brownmonster

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    Take lunch, punch out at 6:30, get paid till 7:30. Skip lunch, punch out at 6 get paid till 7:30.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    The FDX guy on my route says Since Feb 1st their "PowerPad" shuts off for lunch and you can't do anything including contacting dispatch or finding who called for pick ups while you are on lunch.

    I guess they have the same problems we have about drivers skipping or taking a short lunch break.
  7. local804

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    I don't know about the last part of your statement about the diad shuting down, that sounds like a croc of %@$$![/QUOTE]

    From what I understand ups DOES shut down the diad in California during their lunch break period. I am not too sure the exact part but I am pretty sure it is Sacramento. Why would you want to work your lunch break anyway and what difference would it make. If you want to work for free, join the United Way (oh wait... they get paid)
  8. Pkgrunner

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    The diad gets disabled when you start your 30 min meal period here in so. cal.
    We are required to take our 30 min. meal period after the 4th hour of work and before the 5th if we will be working more than 6 hours. The diad begins alerting us 30 min. before we are in violation and re-alerts us in 10 min intervals. If you do not take your meal period it quits warning you and tells you you may be in violation of state and local rules but does not shut down unless you start a meal period. During the meal period the screen displays a countdown timer and alerts you when you have 5 min left and also when you should end your 30 min. meal period. You can also end the meal period early if you want but it tells you that state and local rules require you to finish it. If you forget to start your lunch in the diad when you accually start it, you have 29 min to enter the start time in and 15 min to enter the end time in if you forgot to end it. You cannot enter a future time for the meal period it won't allow it, just past or current time.
    We are also alerted when we can take our 15 min. breaks and our 10 min(after 10 hrs of work)break, not to mention our 2nd meal period we are entitled to if we work over 10(required if we work over 12) to start no later than 5hrs after we finished our 1st meal.

  9. rushfan

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    Haven't heard anything here. Our diads shut down automatically-the battery runs out when working our 10 to 11 hour days.
  10. Pkgrunner

    Pkgrunner Service Provider

    The Batt. runs out quicker when you take a 2nd lunch I have noticed.

    Our boards have had the meal software ever since that lawsuit was filed not to mention lunch audits and warning letters for non-compliance----I can't imagine why
  11. crazygill

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    ITS not the lunch time, yes take it you have it, but for them to tell us when to take it. THAT WHEN i WILL NOT GO ALONG they just Own to much of us now and we must draw the line in the sand.
  12. werdfguuuv

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    Are you insane?

    You agreed to take it. State law and your contract determine WHEN you take it and for how long.

    Since a bunch of crybaby Teamsters have been suing UPS saying they were *forced* to skip lunch, don't be surprised when UPS DEMANDS that you take it when you are supposed to take it and goes down the road of progressive discipline when you FAIL to do your job as instructed (under the terms you accepted).

    Unfortunately they agreed not to pursue those that signed statements proving they FAILED to do their job as instructed since at least March of 2000. They should ALL be fired as of yesterday. Union should be locked out as of yesterday and if it means the end of UPS - so be it.
  13. over9five

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    "...and if it means the end of UPS - so be it."

    Dude, you need help.
  14. local804

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    First thing he has to do is register and stop being spineless behind many alt names. I really dont waste much time answering useless posts.
  15. helenofcalifornia

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    In Norcal we have to take one hour. How come in Socal you only have to take 30 minutes? And we get written up if we don't take lunches, or take them too late. It's kind of a hassle when you haven't finished your businesses yet and you have to take lunch at that particular time. I would imagine this policy is going to go nationwide soon. I mean having to take lunches during the midday instead of when it's convenient to the driver and his load. I understand both sides of the issue. (And will also profit by that Oakland class action suit!)
  16. BoogaBooga

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    Taking a lunch seems to be a hot topic here as well. We were told that there are extra spots on the break window so we can break up our meal time if we want.
  17. raceanoncr

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    Here's a new idea that'll probably ruffle some feathers...HOW ABOUT ACTUALLY TAKING LUNCH?
  18. ncamara

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    Probably 90% of the jobs out there dictate when you take lunch. What would be the problem with taking lunch sometime between noon and 1? You can't deliver to businesses then, anyways.
  19. local804

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    The problem with that is most of the east coast starts at 9:00 am and works past 7pm. Why should we have a 3-4 hour gap from breakfast to lunch and then a 7-10 hour gap to when we take dinner.The contract states 12-3pm and it was agreed apon between the union and the company(UPS). I think it is very fair and I am sure 95% of the rest of UPS(including mgmt) do to.You cant please all of the people all of the time.
  20. brownmonster

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    Probably 90% of the jobs out there dictate when you take lunch. What would be the problem with taking lunch sometime between noon and 1? You can't deliver to businesses then, anyways.

    You can deliver to them if they are open and will accept. It's sheeting as closed between 12 and 1 that is a no-no.