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    NO, give those guys a break ! 46 cents is still too cheap !
    They need to deliver 50 mailings per hr, just to make the wages you enjoy, and thats without any bennies.... you can double that amount.

    If you don't like it, send your next xmas card via UPS, see if you can pay them with pennies !
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    They're not paid by the Letter!!!
    They are US Government employees that receive exceptional perks, benefits, salary and retirement...

    I'm speaking to the structure, not the Provider.

    Chill! Who's gonna' win the WC? Netherlands??
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    I'm chilling. I still think anything under a dollar is cheap to send by mail. No offense.
    We hardly use it anymore, anyways.

    I'm still hoping for Germany to win it.
    Even most people will agree, the Germans are the best sofar in this tournament.
    But, 1 single game decides it all.
    However, if the Germans keep playing like they have in the last 3 games, nobody will stop them !
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    This is not a correct statement. They are government susidized employees. The USPS is NOT owned by the US government.
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    The Post Office needs to be privatized.
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    I had a bunch of 'forever' stamps. I used them all....bummer!
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    I am surprised it has not gone up more with the huge drop off in mail volume, and the huge deficit that the USPS has. So many people pay bills online or have them deducted from their checking account that hardly anyone mails anything anymore besides from a few bill or a random card that the post office has almost no way to turn a profit or break even with the high wages and benefit package their employees enjoy. I honestly can't believe it did not go up more.
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    How much do other have to work to keep you in the "wages" you enjoy? Happy anniversary on a year of slackerhood.
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    You sure have good knowlege of Canada, eh ?

    6 months is unemployment here !
    Next time , give Bryan Adams ******.. because he hasn't put out a cd in a few years !
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