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    I was a seasonal driver helper last holiday season and although it was a VERY VERY tough and physically demanding job, i LOVED it! I did such a great job my driver kept telling me that i would "be a great driver" and that i should apply to work for the company. Well now i have been offered a seasonal driver position. Ultimately i would like to make a career out of working for UPS. The benefits are amazing, the retirement is wonderful, and the pay ain't half bad. what i am wondering is what is the best way to move forward with my goals. I understand that there is no guarantee of employment past the holiday season. I am an exceptionally hard worker and am willing to put in my dues even if that means working my way up. the thing is, i would have to leave my current job to make it work (not the end of the world) i have been unhappy here for a long time, the owner is a terrible person to work for and allows all kinds of morally gray and outright illegal activities to be engaged in by the staff not to mention the fact that he knowingly and willingly breaks federal labor laws by not paying time and a half for overtime and over-works under-aged employees. Furthermore i will NEVER be able to get benefits or any kind of retirement if i stay here. I am 27 and looking for a change, i think this would be a big risk but it might prove to be the best decision ever.
    what id really like to know is how likely is finding part or full time work after the holiday and how long does it usually take to make it up to a driver position assuming you are a cream of the crop a+ worker. thanks in advance for all the input and advice! oh also i am in southeast Michigan.
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    Driver jobs are offered by seniority from the PT ranks. Not hard to get on PT as UPS is hiring PT all the time. Does slow down Jan. and Feb. Working PT at UPS will be just like you describe your current job. With less pay. Being an exceptional hard worker will get you more work, but not more pay. Good luck.
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    Outside hire?
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    I believe the central region has a 6 to 1 hire for drivers, which means 6 people from the part time ranks for every 1 person they hire off the street. Depending on where they are on this ratio means you could get hired next or it could be a couple years to get a driving job. Good luck on your decision.

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