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  1. Maeday111

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    Hi everyone!

    My name is Mae and I'm looking for more information on the UPS frat policy.

    Basically, my boyfriend has been working at UPS as a PT sup for 2 years. I work at a dog kennel and I'm desperate to find another job. I'm tired of working weekends and holidays every single time.

    So questions.
    If my boyfriend is a PT sup and I get brought on as a package handler, and we want to get married later, will that be a problem? What are the specifics?

    And how long did y'all typically go from application process to first day on job? I haven't given my notice at my current job and was wondering when I should.
  2. PiedmontSteward

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    Not a problem. The corporate policy was changed a few years ago.. it's "heavily frowned upon" but won't get someone terminated. Not sure about hiring an employee that's dating a supervisor or marriage, though.. I wouldn't give notice to your other job until you've been given a start time at UPS.
  3. Maeday111

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    We're not married as of yet and have different last names, so I don't plan on volunteering that information.

    And honestly, I'm so ficking tired of working here, i was hoping you would say right now, so I would have an excuse. Typing this out on my phone as I hide from the manager. :P
  4. splozi

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    You'll be hiding from many managers at UPS.
  5. Maeday111

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    Well, at least I'll get weekends and benefits. And I won't have to pick up :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: all the time. Literally.
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  7. Loufan

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    All they will do now is keep you in separate areas or at worst move you to a different shift if possible.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    This will not be an issue.
  9. ajblakejr

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    It gets ugly if you break up.
  10. Maeday111

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    That wont be a problem.
    We've been bestfriends for over 10 years, in a relationship for 5, and we have a child together.

    Another quick question.

    I went to the UPS job center and went to apply for a job listed at my hub of choice. It was the only one, "package handler", with no specific shift.

    I went to apply, answered like 5 questions, and then it said I qualified to fill out an application. I clicked continue and it said there "The location you have selected does not have any available appointment times for the work shift you indicated as your preference."

    I dont exactly understand. I haven't requested a specific work time and the job listing didn't specify either.

    Anyone care to shed some light here? Thanks!
  11. Jackburton

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    Do you have problems picking up pee bottles?
  12. Anonymous 10

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    Are you hot???
  13. Maeday111

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    Ever pick up the puke of a dog that ate another dogs poop? No? Where do I sign up?

    Ps. Depends on what you're into. It's all subjective. :P
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  14. UnsurePost

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    Not in our hub.
  15. DS

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    First of all welcome to the browncafe Mae.
    You say you went to the job center on the internet?
    You know where he works,just go there in person and
    fill an application out.Bug the crap out of them till they hire you.
  16. satellitedriver

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    Yes, I have, and worse.
    Doggie Day Care is a huge industry.
    If you set up a proper day boarding and grooming facility, you could make as much as a full time UPS driver.

  17. Buck Fifty

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    Living in sin, I like you already. As long as he is not your immediate supervisor and stays clear of any and all issues that mae arise from your employment, all will be well. This could be a challenge other than the job of course. Its not an ideal situation though .
  18. PT Stewie

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    my boyfriend has been working at UPS as a PT sup for 2 years

    There is no accounting for taste
  19. ymelord

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    Mae some wisdom for you, as a part time sup looking to go into full time, he is going to start gaining weight, and keep gaining weight. You on the other hand as a pkg handler are going to shed excess weight, "not that you have any", but I'm just saying stay hot. I would think twice about rushing into marrage, with some fat, stressed out sup. Look at him this weekend and imagine him 150 heavier. Just trying to help. Go for the job, and good luck.
  20. splozi

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    If the sups there work like some of the sups here, he won't have trouble keeping the weight off.

    If not, then the weight he gains around his waist is balanced out by the weight lost from the loss of brain cells.