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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, Aug 2, 2011.

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    Its like the moniker for white trash in california. No problems here, they merely identify the driver.

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    That's only because "some" Californians think they are better than everyday people.

    Personally, I don't and wouldn't hang the things from my truck, but I don't see it being a "white trash" thing. I've seen people that hardly fit that category with them on their trucks.
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    Well, the whole idea of wasting a state's money to battle a free speech issue as ridiculous as this just confounds me. We're talking court room time, lawyers, jury maybe.........such expense!! It's not even anything important..........
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    This is another example of why there needs to be an understanding of separation of church and state. In these deep south areas where "christians" run the city's, this is the type of laws you end up with on the books.

    Maybe you are starting to understand the concept moreluck? ....... I doubt it.

    These types of indecency laws are religious minded and presented. Morality through legislation. The right wing on one side of the issue wants to hold themselves dear to the religious right, but when rights are violated, somehow those same people then jump to the constitution for relief.

    These people need to chose a side and stay on it.

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    Kinda like chosing an argument and answering til it's done? Good point.

    Peace and the smell of spilled anti-freeze in the driveway
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    So, are the bull's balls part of church or state ?????

    May your Ragu drop out the bottom of your grocery sack onto your garage floor.
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    The balls that are cited, were considered to be in violation of the decency laws of that county.. Bumper stickers and the like are illegal in that town. THe balls were considered to be offensive and in violation of that law.

    Who put the law on the books in the first place?? Hmmm, lets see? The ACLU? No, they would support it, The democrats? No, they would agree its a first amendment issue, Who then?

    Oh yeah, the christian zealots who believe everything in this country needs to be christian. FAIL.

    Right wing extremists who are devoted to Christian morality place this law on the books and this is what you get.

    Separation of church and state moreluck, its an easy concept, even when it conflicts with your hypocrisy.

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    It is an easy concept so sad you do not grasp it.
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    Maybe I'm not being clear about my's the waste of time and money and resources in taking something so ridiculous as this to court. If it makes it to a courtroom, I hope they get a 'good ole boy' judge that says, "Get the hell out of my courtroom and don't come back!"
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    Not sure what it means in Ca. but down south a good ole boy judge means your arse is going to jail. But I do agree on your point about what public good does this really serve. Now take your good logic here and start applying it across the board and my guess is, well over half the prison population at the least would come out. Prisons in so many respects are nothing but more welfare applied in a different format with the added benefit of a constant threat in order to drive compliance on the rest of us. For the supposed "freest" country on earth, we have the highest prison population of any nation on earth. Think about that!

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assist. Sec. of Treasury under Reagan points out this police state mentality with an interview with Alex Jones.


    And to see how bad it's getting, google Kelly Thomas, son of a retired police officer and what happened to him when he was protected and served by Fullerton Ca. police. My best friend in high school, his dad was a cop and as a result I knew practically all the cops around the area. They weren't perfect men mind you but they were far, far different than what we have on the street now. I ran into one of those officers about a year ago who is now retired and he even said he's afraid of the boys in blue and IMO that speaks volumes. Dr. Roberts IMO makes points because regardless what one believes, something has jumped the tracks in this country and the ideal of a free America is a pure fiction, if it wasn't to begin with.
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    In a lot of the other nations, half of our inmates would have been dead 10 minutes after their trial.
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    Excellent point!!!
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    The American Civil Liberties Union says the Genesee County Parks is violating Freedom of Speech Laws. The group is speaking up on behalf of a petitioner working to recall Governor Rick Snyder. Park officials say it's all a misunderstanding. A volunteer with the Committee to Recall Governor Snyder says she was asked to stay in one spot at Linden County Park when collecting signatures. The volunteer had a permit to be in the 135 acre park, but Director Amy McMillan says it is policy that petitioners stay in a certain area for the sake of other visitors.
    The parks service went out and painted a 3x3 square foot area at the very end of the parking lot, far away from any foot traffic.
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