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    Hi, my name is Tom, ive been a part time pre-loader for almost 7 years and today I was terminated by my boss because i allegedly called a female employee a "c*nt" Which for the record i did not. I can understand the company for hounding on me because I guess they consider me some type of target because whenever theirs a safety issue usually a jam or more specifically a scanner not stopping when asked to do so. (the main problem of all this) i am usually the one to say something and what always happens is i am the one who gets yelled at about "not keeping up with the work" when there not stopping is the issue.

    Now to the problem at hand. The female employee which I have the issue with because on multiple accusations over the past 5 years atleast, I have almost been seriously hurt on the job because of her carelessness and ignorance to everyone around her. She has been told repeatedly by my steward and supervisor to listen when someone asks her to stop then continues the problem.

    What happen this morning, Just a normal morning just shy 2 hours in the shift, a belt turns off i tell the scanner to hold up and surprise surprise, theres a jam because she kept goin. I get the jam and say to an employee next to me in the sort isle "This is F*in stupid i wish she would just listen" and apparently she was there and said something to me along the lines of "thats a grievance" something like that. Then shortly after my supervisor called me into his office with not my actual steward but the next in line. (i think he had the day off) anyway so i go into his office and tells me " I was informed by an employee that you called her a c*nt. So I am terminating you for insubordination and I recommend you talk to the union hall." Then proceeded to escort me off the property. I went straight down to the union hall and waited till around 9 and no one was there. Still now at 12 i still cant get ahold of anyone. I really dont wanna loose my job over something i didnt even say. Just because they would wanna take her side over mine.

    sorry this was soo long I just wanted to make sure everyone knows whats goin on thanks for any help.
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    If she has a witness willing to corraborate what you're accused of saying, start looking for a new job. But it goes both ways. If the employee you helped break the jam states all you said was what you wrote, you'll be back. Either way, it's best to keep colorful language out of the workplace.
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    Hi Tom... My name is Bug.


    Is that what you said.... Or, is that what she heard ??

    Things happen.... in the "heat of the moment". Think about it.

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    thanks everyone for the input. I hope everything turns out ok. We will see. Ill try contacting the union hall again tomorrow.
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    No, you were trying to break the jam and someone asked if you could get it and you said "I can't".
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    Those eastern European dialects.... are tricky.
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    In a loud building like mine it sure could be mistaken for a bad word.
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    Yeah, that's the ticket......
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    They can seriously walk you out of the building for calling a co-worker a C in a non-threatening way? Replace C with A and I should have been fired many times over!
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  12. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    Lol know what I mean.....
  13. cachsux

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    I'll use Ma'am.

    Problem is I'll also use Ma'am to be polite too.
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    I don't see how using the c word would be insubordination, especially since it is said to have been directed towards a fellow hourly employee.

    Regardless of if you said it or not discipline should have been a documentation about using unprofessional language.
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    Just tell your supervisor you were asking Mike Hunt for help breaking the jam.
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    Mike Litorus got hurt
  17. Stonefish

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    Emerson Biggins saw it happen
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    Your supe was telling you to go to the union hall because he/she believes that you will bet your job back with a slap on the wrist suspension. Once back, I would be looking for another area to work.
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    nevermind, I think it's funny as hell, but someone might get offended :(
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    yeah well my supervisor can be a big dush bag lol... Well some good news.. i finally talked to the union hall rep. and explained the situation.. and he told me that she does have "suppose-able witnesses" and said hes goin to file a grievance and set up a hearing asap.