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    My name is Alex and i have been working for U.P.S since 2008 and have been strung along on going full- time for a while. Found out that my supervisor deliberately pulled me and my co-worker from driving so we would not make our 200 punch-ins which would make them have to make us full-time drivers. He uses me when it's convenient to him but refuses to make me a full-time driver even though two positions have opened up since 3 of our drivers retired yet he will do everything to keep me from going full-time. My co-worker just went full-time, only because our supervisor is on vacation and another supervisor made him full-time because he got his 200 punch-ins,, while our supervisor was on vacation. i'm just frustrated and don't know what to do. It's seems our supervisor does not have our best interest at heart. If anyone can help me please let me know. Thanks.
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    Wait, so if you punch in to drive 200 times you automatically become a FT driver? Is this in the national contract or a local supplement? Is it 200 days in a row or in a set amount of time?
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    Your supe will never have your best interests at heart.
    It's not his job to.
    His job is to have the companies best interests at heart.
    You will always be second at best.
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    Is this an attempt at some sort of Morris like code?
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    Why does Morris have his won code?
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    How did he "win" it?

    I bet Samuel Morse would be jealous.
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    Has any Temp Cover driver ever gone ft under this SUP? If not call your BA and tell him what is going on.
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    just hang in there dude
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    The hell is going on around here? Do I need to start putting you guys in time-out?
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    I was thinking padding his post count.
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    I think you should make a call to your BA let him know what's going on. ask your steward, there is a reason why he is not giving you a chance, GOOD LUCK AND HANG IN THERE....
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    in my local theres only about a 2 month window your can make your seniority!! this is one of the give_backs in the last contract that alot of ppl over looked!! brown has been using and abusing these guy for 9 months out of a year and then either laying them off or sending them to be a air driver!! back in the old days you had to work the day after xmas or day after labor day and your made your f/t seniority!!
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    I replied to this thread, thought twice about what I had posted, tried to delete, couldn't, hence the . .
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    I thought surely you'd get the joke considering u often talk of padding stop counts. My wife thinks its nuts I'm almost to 1,000 posts. I can't even imagine being where some of you all are. Many have been around much much longer than myself however.
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    Pretty disturbing isn't it? He puts his two cents in on stuff he has no clue about like PT questions. Sad really.
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    Just wait I bet you'll get there.
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    I think we should be encouraging this development.
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    I can only offer a couple things that helped get our TCDs full time.

    1. Don't ever let a junior driver work while you go home. If your getting close to the required number of reports but falling short, ask yourself if you ever came into work and took a day off while a junior TCD worked?

    2. If management sends you home and works a junior TCD, file a grievance and get that report and money. It is yours.

    3. If mangement tells you to report in the morning to drive, don't let them send you home if they don't need you. Remind them that your going to file a grievance anyways and get paid your guarantee so they might as well use you. Either way, get your report.
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    I don't think the language in the contract says that the employee that reaches 200 reports will be awarded a FT spot. I believe it says 'a FT position would be created'. Read your contract to confirm what the case is for YOUR area.