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    8 full time package driver jobs up for bid in my building. For full time employees and 22.3 only. If your full time in the hub or 22.3 wouldn't you already passed up the chance for FT driver?? I'm a TCD and can't bid. Any info on this?? Texas 767
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    Are they new package jobs or vacancies? If they are new jobs, the FT employees that are not Package Drivers (should just be 22.3's or FT Inside employees) get the opportunity to bid into another FT classification. After the bump and roll of those being filled eventually PT'ers should be promoted from the Part Time to Full Time Bid. It may be a FT package job or it may be a 22.3 job. If a 22.3 bids to package driver, a package driver could then bid to 22.3 and so on. You'll get your opportunity, provided you have the PT seniority.
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    These FT positions were created from the 200 TCD reports last year. Per contract if a TCD has over 200 reports in a year a full time position is created for every occurance. These are FT package driver jobs not 22.3 It sucks that I have been Sat air and TCD for 3 years and people come out of the hub with more seniority and go FT package or decide to bid TCD and get work first even though I have more experience driving and know the routes.
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    You need to read your local rider to the national contract and talk to a steward in your building if you want the right information. Rules veary from building to building and local to local.
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    At dfw you need to keep in mind that their is about 10 or more 22.3 that went into package when they got rid of the combos. They have been driving for the past 2yrs, but they are not classified as package car drivers. They do not get any package senority. They should of made them drivers or at least put a bid sheet for the routs they do every day. I have been asking this questin for the past 2yrs at our local meeting why they have not made them package. No answer other than they would have to go back if combos came back. Either way those roughts should been bidded on. I get no answer form BA. We have a meeting this sat. if you want to give it try.