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    My husband is currently a Pre Load Sup and has been working for 7 years at UPS. At least the last 5 he has been a part time Sup. He has also worked the Local Sort (or what ever it is called).
    Last January he applied for a full time Sup or Mgmt position and they have been stringing him along about it ever since. he took several different tests including one called in box. It took a year to get the panel interview, which was 6 months ago. He keeps telling me soon, soon the full time job big promotion is coming. I think it is bull crap. They keep telling him yes, he is in "The Pool" and they will get in touch with him when something comes up. I am so so sick of being strung along about it.

    Does anyone know truthfully how long it could take? How often do these kind of jobs come up? Could it not take years? UPS does not seem so keen on giving full time jobs to people and I have been trying to tell him to move on. His Center Manager told him it was like Winning the lottery and still he believes that huge promotion is right around the corner. I cant take it anymore and was hoping to hear some insight from people who actually work there. We are in the central PA area. thanks.
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    They are not stringing your husband along, unfortunately no one can say when the next position will come available. If they put him thru the panel and he is now in the pool, someone thinks very highly of him and will be pushing for him. If you have the means to wait, it's a good stable job. Many things factor into who gets the next job. such as minority status and who you know, but honest and fair people will eventually get their chance.
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    Just so ya know what he's signing up for, FT management is ALOT different from PT management. If and when he gets promoted, expect 10+ hour workdays (even more during peak), lots of pressure and stress, and not so pleasant hours. The pay is much better but with that pay comes more responsibilities, pressures, hours, sacrifices, etc. The job is very demanding and not for everyone, especially if he is a family man (very tough to balance home and work as others can attest to).
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    Thank you so much for you feedback.
    I personally do not think it is worth it. The wait, the hours. I really would prefer he would leave UPS for a company that will recognize him. UPS does not seem to recognize its people to much from what I see.
    We have two children. And honestly cannot afford to wait on UPS too much longer. Also on the pay difference, he says he will make in the 60's is this true? What are the salaries like when just promoted? Can they really jump that much?
    Thanks again.
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    Mastula....you seem impatient. Not a good thing to be if hubby is full-time mgmt.

    My hubby left UPS as a Div. mgr. in 2000. We did very well at UPS...lots better than I ever thought a "grease monkey" could. (he was a mechanic in his pre-UPS life).

    If you don't have the patience, it won't work for your family.
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    I am not impatient. I have lost my patience. This whole promotion stuff started well over a year ago. It took them forever just to get the tests he had to take and a year to get an interview. I keep hearing oh next month, oh next month or definately by then and still nothing.

    There are more financial numbers involved while waiting for this big promotion. When your making 18,000 as a Part Time Supervisor and you have a Bachelors Degree and you have to wait for well over a year and still nothing yes, its frustrating. And no it does not seem worth the wait.

    And yes, I do not think its worth it the hours you have to put in. I feel family is more important than UPS. They would have to pay him a great deal a money for it to be worth it. But it is not my choice. I am just trying to get some info from people here who work there so I can get a better understanding of whats going and see how much I am willing to tolerate.

    Believe me if you had two small children at home this would be frustrating to you too.
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    Mastula....I'm 24 years old and left UPS 6 months ago. I have a bachelor's degree and finish a Masters in about 6 weeks :happy2:. I applied for management and was turned down not once, not even twice but THREE times. Ya know why? Because I have a family member in management on the other side of the country. Read stupid policies much?

    Its not worth the wait to become a full-time supervisor at UPS. I read a number somewhere--probably here on BC--about the divorce rate but I forget what it was now. From experience working in two different regions for Father Brown, I can tell you that a large proportion of supes and managers have at least one failed marriage in their history. I know one guy I worked for in the Midwest had two failed marriages and was engaged for the third time. I don't know if that one failed or not. Another full-timer I worked for in the Midwest told me, "If I could do one thing differently, I'd never have dropped out of school 10 years ago to work here full-time. It ain't worth it, kid." I was stunned speechless-a rare thing to be sure--for a good minutet. He nodded and walked away when my mouth was hanging open.

    Your hubby can and should take that UPS experience elsewhere. I always get a look of respect from recruiters and HR personnel when they see the UPS entry on my resume (and I wasn't management!). FedEx loves their former UPS'ers, by the way. I thought about taking a job there but decided against it due to the distance, etc. -Rocky
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    depends on the area of the country he is in economically. He may start off lower then that amount but can quickly get bumped up above that level if he does well. There are grades within the realm of supervisors. an operations sup starts in a higher pay grade.

    If he starts at 4500 a month. He then grosses 54 a year on salary. Add MIP at 1.5 equals another 6750. Add the half month xmas check. Add the 3 percent match on the 401 K and he could earn about 65 his first full year.

    He would be eligible for a merit increase six months after promotion. And then yearly pay increase in march of every year.

    Keep in mind he is being compared to other candidates while in the pool so he needs to stay on his game and not get discouraged.:happy-very:
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    Thank you so much for the feedback. I am actually the one more discouraged. And I am powerless. He believes in UPS completely. As if he is the only one in the pool.

    The center he works in is really small, I doubt he can get any where at this center. We want to get sent out of the area. He asked them recently if he could get out of his district but has not heard back about it yet. There has to be jobs somewhere.

    Is this going to take another year?

    thanks again.
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    May I suggest that he update his resume, if he hasn't already, and pursue opportunities in other career fields? This is not to say that he should leave UPS but he would be smart to keep his options open, especially if you feel that he is being "strung along". I would have to agree that 18K with a 4 yr degree is inadequate and, if you guys are starting a family, he may need to look elsewhere. I also have a 4 yr degree (Business Mgt) w/9 hours toward a Graduate degree (Human Relations) but I would be hard pressed at this point in my career (19 yrs) to better my income and benefit pkg. Besides, it's kind of cool to walk in to a business and know that I have more education, make more money and have a better benefit pkg than the owner who thinks of me as a "delivery boy". (Sorry for that tangent, it's a personal thing.) However, that being said, if I were in your husbands shoes, I would be on the Internet daily looking for opportunities. Good Luck.
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    Thank you! That's what I keep telling him!!!! I say screw them, and move on. I feel he has given them plenty of time for a promotion. The brown cant be that great.

    I fortunately have a good job but I have to commute to work 2.5 hours once a week to get there so I dont work as often. I could be making a lot more money if we could moved closer and not be waiting on UPS. We have been waiting on them so we can move hopefully closer to my job. It is holding me back as well from making more money. that's why with children and my commute and inability to make more money I am at my boiling point.
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    WHO CARES HE A SUPER TELL IT to other managment
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    Have your husband bring a suit to work once or twice a week and change before he leaves the building. Tell his sup he has another interview.
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    It doesn't happen overnight. Mike Eskew didn't go from loading trucks to CEO overnight.

    I understand the loss of patience, but in the long run if that's what he thinks he wants, I say wait it out. It may or may not happen in the next year. If he's gone through the Panel and passed it then it really is just a matter of time.

    It all depends on where you are and how fast people move around in your Region/District.

    In the meantime, even if he plans on staying with UPS, he should keep his resume updated and also it wouldn't hurt to be on Monster or Career Builder and just see what else is out there.

    As for the "Failed Marriages" I think that comes from both parties. Husband/Wives that aren't supportive and Husband/Wives with a wrong work/life balance.

    I personally speak with my spouse about quite a bit that goes on in my workplace and she even knows the names and the roles that many play including some of the acronyms. If it weren't for her there are times when it would be hard to get up and go back the next day and do it all over again.

    At the same time, I have to have a life outside of UPS and be loving and kind and be able to spend time not thinking about work.

    It's all a balance. It sounds like he has a good shot and this is what he wants to do. I wouldn't give it up entirely because he's gone a long ways, but it never hurts to keep the options open.
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    Many of our pt sups take a second job to make ends meet.
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    Yes, I will Supersize that, with Coke for the drink--oops, sorry, I thought I was at McDonald's and you were working the drive-thru. I guess I based my assumption upon your well-thought out, insightful response to this thread. Thank you for your input--it really advanced the discussion.

    My mother taught me at an early age, if you don't have something nice to say or of substance to add to the conversation then just keep your mouth shut. I wish more people would follow this advice.
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    Or at least type in English.
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    How so?