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    Hello, I have been having trouble recently with my pay rate at UPS.

    Little background to the story;

    I was a shifter that bidder into TCD feeder and won the bid and started working as a TCD feeder in Feburary. After around 2 months I was laid off and put back into the Hub. I then got a call after signing the part time to full time bid sheet offering full time driver opportunity so I took it. Went through training and graduated progression.

    One week after my graduation there was no work for me so I was offered to work in the hub for my 8 hours. I went into HR and was told that since Feeders needs people because there is so much work and they were also hiring 30 new drivers that I could go back and work there until they don't need me anymore. So I started about a month and a half ago doing feeders again.

    I then started noticing my checks where still getting paid as progression driver rate, not the TCD rate that I have been getting paid (85% top pay) and after numberous greviences and payroll trying to adjust my pay rate, the financial department will not give me my TCD rate because they say since I'm full time in package car that TCD doesn't apply to me. Although I am not a full time feeder, they say I'm getting loaned out to work for feeders.

    Another problem is that my hub is hiring 30 new TCD drivers telling them they will be making 85% too pay but I just talked to a couple of full time package car drivers that finished their TCD training and they all said they got paid their progression rate.

    My question is, am I supposed to be getting paid my TCD that I signed up for or progression rate?

    Also would I be qualified as a red circle driver since I have been a TCD for 6 months?

    I also don't understand why UPS lies to its employees...
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    Didn't know feeder also used tcd???man this company scams whenever it can... You should be able to get full time feeder gig if they are hiring 30 new guys .. Are any coming off the street???
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    You are now a package car driver. What happened as part-timer is not going to directly effect this. I think, not sure, that the progression rate for both a full time package car driver and a feeder driver in progression ARE the same. Therefore you are getting paid correctly as a full time driver in progression. The rules of a full time employee supersede anything that was happening as part timer. A long time ago, part timers making higher than the entry progression were allowed to come into their progression at their "red circled" rate and advance once the progression advanced passed their higher rate. I don't think that's your case. As much as I wish you were getting paid more, I'm afraid the progression rate for a full timer which you are prevails.
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    I went full time in recent years. Had done a whole lot of temp driving as a permanent PTer. Was red circled at my temp rate and didn't have a probationary period. It's still a thing if you qualify for it.
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    Talk to your business agent. Local area feeder work rules should decide your rate of pay.

    For example in my local you would have never been allowed to drive feeder as a part time employee. We do not have TCD feeder drivers. You need to talk to your agent. This forum won't be much help to you on this question.
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    that must suck
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    I'm in the same boat. I am a pkg car driver who is feeder qualified. I get pulled back and forth because I'm a "pkg car driver " but when feeders need me I go until they don't anymore. My guess is they are hiring drivers for peak. As far as the pay goes I just got moved full time earlier in the year after 15 years as cover. now have to wait 4 years for freaking top Rate ! Love this place