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The way this job is,theres never any time to get things done.Ever try finding a lawyer on a weekend?Everythings closed by the time we get home. Just curious if anyone else gets around it by doing what I do.
My bank,barber,doctor,dentist and lawyer,my pet food shop and where I bought my computer are all in my delivery area.I made the real estate
agent come to me in my area for me to sign the papers so we could buy our house.

Its like even though its just a small area in a big city,to me,after 16 years its like the little town that I work in.I know the best places to eat,and I know about 250 streets without my map book.


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I feel your pain. Here in the NE we dont get those sick days to do these things either. My dentist has late Tuesdays which I missed for like four years, either I had to miss work coz my mother or father were sick, and I was out of town or I couldnt get off in time, so I took to the 7am route, dentist at 7am, thats just not right.
And then my brother passed away at 2am that morn, and I felt I just couldnt go, but I did since I had missed so many others. And I had problems, I will never miss another. Guaranteed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I too signed papers on the road to buy my house.
I too have a chiropractor, doctor and lawyer on my route.
Also a veternarian, bread store, meat shop, insurance agent, and auto parts, and video store. HVAC, optical, bank, hardware and tires. Now that you mention it, I do everything while working. No wonder I run so late!!!!!!!!!!!!
Except I dont do it on a daily basis, just on my lunch or breaks of course.


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If I disappear and my body is found, they will never be able to ID me by dental records. My records are spread out on 7 dentists on 7 old runs! :-)