Funeral Leave


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Need some clarification. For a close relative and a local funeral, do we get 2 paid days both after the day of death and after the funeral each? Or two paid days total? Or something else?


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The funeral leave article has to be one of the most confusing parts of the contract. My understanding is that for a local funeral, you are contractually guaranteed just the two days. however, in my experience, a compassionate supervisor can and will code you out with funeral leave for a third or fourth day for a local funeral, they just aren't required to.


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Nothing confusing about it.
2 days off from the day of death to grieve I assume.

2 days off during the work week for the funeral.

No time after funeral unless you call in for a personal matter because you need to grieve the death more. That would be understandable.

No longer than 4 days off.

You are payed 8 hours every day.
10 hours if you work 4-10s.
4 hours for part time.