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    Today, UPS is at it again. UPS violating the contract which requires the company to maintain 20,000 Article 22.3 full-time jobs. The company is thousands of jobs short of that figure. UPS is even laying Article 22.3 Teamsters and forcing them back to part-time.

    Maybe it’s time for another visit to UPS from Sal! Even better, the International Union should be conducting a national audit of Article 22.3 jobs and forcing the company to create the thousands of missing jobs now!
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    That video is great, thanks beatup. I agree where are all these jobs? I know in my hub they went so far as to train the person who was going to be a 22.3 and give this person the stuff they needed to be an air driver (for the 2nd part of their bid) and then told them they had to go back to being a pt. timer. Where's Hoffa at on this? I hope whoever runs against him nails him on this topic along with all the others.