Future of Non-Op Management

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    My first post...I appreciate your latitude in advance. I have spent many years reading and decided to create an ID and see if I can interact from time to time. In the midst of the humor, cynicism and silliness (all worthwhile) there are some substantive, interesting discussions.

    My first question revolves around the future on Non-Op Management. My premise is this: As a result of the massive consolidation to 3 regions and 20 districts, the opportunity (both horizontal and vertical) for staff function supervisors (and managers) has degraded to a point of significant concern. Where 28 months ago there where upwards of 59 different IE, PE, Security, Finance, BD etc. functions, now there are only 20, leaving nearly 40 former locations, with little or no Non-Op opportunity. Supervisor relo's (and manager for that matter) don't occur with the degree of frequency as in the past, so the likelihood that a PT sup in a Hub operation is going to get a IE or Finance sup opportunity in a district office 100 miles away is simply not going to happen. I do recognize that in some rural districts my example may happen with some frequency, but I believe in large part my suggestion holds sound.

    The need for the consolidations is understood. I am simply suggesting that the opportunity moving forward for anyone that desires to progress at UPS in a staff function now lies in 20 district offices, 3 region offices, Mahwah and Atlanta. In effect, we are going to 'hire from within' from an even smaller sample size moving forward.

    I enjoy reading most forum posts. I hope to participate moving forward from time to time.
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    It's tempting to think that way, but I have another take on it. Staff people all seem very unhappy with their jobs right now because they can't manage the larger areas of responsibliity effectively. Were you around earlier this year to see the system implemented in all sites the first few months of the year? What a fiasco, and the results aren't good. I think there's opportunity for people that can figure out how to manage the larger areas effectively. Can you do it? If so, you'll find plenty of opportunity.
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    Most of the job ops have a "UPS does not pay relocation" notices in them.
    UPS does seem to try to hire from within but the job applicant may have to pay for their own relocation.

    PS - I hope I am one of those "cynical" posters you have "enjoyed" ... it is one of my raison d'etre for being here. :wink2:
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    3 regions? 20 districts? In the US maybe, there are more in the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe. We are being impacted too, International rotations for US managers are much more common than US rotations for International employees.
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    First of all, congratulations on your first post to the Brown Cafe.
    I believe that your post is correct- you may do a great job in a non-ops position, but in these very large districts, if you don't have much "face time" with functional department managers, you may get over-looked for promotions. I saw this happen in the corporate office. There were times that better candidates were available in a region or district, but with relocation cost controls in place, a competent (but not the best) manager who was already located in corporate was selected for the job opportunity. It is reasonable to expect that the same thing will happen with these large districts and regions.
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    My management team us, is all about change, It's changing for us as drivers, clerks, porters, carwash feeders, and so and and changing for you. I want to petition OZ NELSON to come back. Those were the days.