gas prices....


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I'm not bitchin' abt. gas prices, just curious who's paying the most $$$ for last 3 fill - ups were $3.04, $3.14, today $3.22...... so who all owns exxon-mobil under $40?????? you can thank me later....


Please check my math
Here, gas is $1.07 a liter(Cdn)
1 gallon = 3.80 liters
therefore 1 gallon costs $4.66(Cdn)
$1.00(Cdn)=approx 90 cents (USd)

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3.20 here...
$80+ of fuel a day my lil 300 swallows up.

How come the truck got a raise, but I didn't... ;)

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Hovering between $3.00 and $3.25 here, just happy I didn't buy that diesel I was looking at, diesel selling here for $3.42, ouch!


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It's about $3.15 a gallon at the cheapest stations in southern Cal. No doubt, here where everyone needs to drive a vehicle, the gas is about it's highest. The oil companies really piss me off, almost as much as our eleceted leaders who do nothing but vote down ideas such as drilling in ANWR, or wind power in Massachusets. Watching BP shut down their pipeline because they haven't done maintenance after making record windfall profits, is just one more reason to realize these people don't give a damn about their country.


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Barstow CA. (tourist trap) halfway between L.A. and Vegas

$3.53 for regular !!!!

But, that's OK because my W-2's from my winnings this 3-day trip to Vegas total $34,354.00. And that's not counting the little $800 wins here & there. It was an exceptional trip this time.