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    P.T. Barnum once said that there was a sucker born every minute. Alot of suckers out there tonight. In the last 4 years the Obama administration added over 5 trillion dollars to the national debt. Is estimated by the CBO to run it up further from 16 trillion to 20 trillion by 2016. This isn't sustainable. And people aren't going to realize the full impact of Obamacare on our lives until next year, and later in 2014. By design they waited until after the election to do this. And yet he is able to win reelection, primarily due to a liberal press that covered for him. Who besides FOX News covered the attack in Libya that left 4 Americans dead including our Ambassador and 2 former Navy Seals dead? Whether Obama knew all the facts or not, it's undisputed that he left the next day to go to a fund raiser in Las Vegas. Bill O'Reilly rightly called the election for Obama very early in the evening. He pointed out that too many people today feel the economy doesn't work for them fairly yet they still want things. Obama gives them things. That America's demographics and culture has changed and this will become the way of the future. If that's so then what a bleak future we'll have. A corporate upper class that wants hard work from us with no reward beyond existing for their benefit. And a huge underclass that wants things without effort who've learned they can use their vote to get it, until it all unravels. If the debt continues to grow there will be no Social Security, no Medicare, no vibrant economy. Just a matter of time.

    I wish you all the best. I'm leaving for points south in 2 years, will just get by until then. I'm sure my views don't jibe with most here, and I'm not willing to keep quiet about what I see happening that won't only affect us, but will make it hard to have a future for our kids. Pretty sure the direction the company is going for a couple of years, after that I won't care anymore. But let me assure you, no one will be happier than me if everything turns out well and that I'm completely wrong. Wish you all the best, Vaya con Dios!

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    Costa Rica?

    I have a few friends that live there now.

    Moved all their assets to where the IRS can't get to them (although the IRS did seize the house of one).

    One of the big benefits of being self-employed is the ability to hide money from the government.

    All these people were self-employed.
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    10-4 That Brother. If it all turns into a septic pool on a flaming express train pointing down- can I use my "free" government phone to call for help?
    Good to see u are still alive- I am too (for now).
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    Costs Rica has socialized medicine, has for years....
    Why do conservatives never pick a limited government country, like say Somalia.
    No government to worry about hounding you there...
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    Because limited government was never intended for them. Just the rest of you schmucks. They have some exceptions to that smaller government thing. Corporate welfare must not be touched and they do reserve the right to dictate what a woman can do with her own body.
    This is why they failed to win the presidency. They can blame it on the MSM or hurricane Sandy but the truth is their message does not resonate with a majority of the nation. If they don't do something soon, the demographics will leave them on the trash heap of history.
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    This election was strickly dominated by Women, Hispanics and Blacks. Our culture is changing and so will this company. Women want their rights in this country and their rights include the tax payers suppliying them with Birthcontrol and allowing Partial Abortions. In my opinion, if you want an Abortion go pay for it yourself and dont expext me to fund Planned Parenthood. Others like to milk our system. Well the system will be in place to milk. Lets see, most of us are middle income, and we are getting penalized for working because now we must take care of the people who abuse this system. Oh and dont let me forget to add Colorado in the mix, today they are having major parties about the legalization of Pot. Fedex employees who sweat the a##es off now have to take care of Potheads who probably will be too stoned to work and will be recieving food stamps and welfare. Question, do I qualify for food stamps if my retirement is not enough?
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    I heard the "N" word more times today than I have since this time 4 years ago.

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    Just as you don't want your tax dollars to be spent on what you don't believe in I don't want the government to be shoving their religious crap down my throat. The reason the republicans lost is because they are stuck in their ideology which is 50 years behind the times. It didn't work 4 years ago. It didn't work yesterday and it won't work in the future. The people have spoken. No matter what you think of who voted for Obama the fact is a majority of people voted for him. Just take a look at their headquarters last night . Obama's was so diverse that is America folks like it or not.
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    I agree. I don't want my tax dollars supporting fire departments putting out churches when they catch fire. I don't want my tax dollars building roads for logging, mining and oil and gas exploration. I don't want my tax dollars spent on a war that was not necessasary.
    Just because pot was legalized in those states does not allow employees to show up at work stoned any more then they could show up drunk.
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    Better get used to it as they said the Repub party is old white males. While the Demo's are about everything else, everything else is coming on strong.

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    Something the republicans don't want to admit the minorities are now the majority. Power in numbers and power to the people.

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    I think it's pretty funny the same people that are complaining about women being on welfare with their babies are the same ones complaining about insurance providing birth control.
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    I find that anytime you hear about the bloodsuckers known as welfare/people that rely on gov't kickbacks. You can equally think of businesses getting huge tax breaks and the same sort like that. To the point that it's the same exact thing on opposite spectrums, so when one side points to the other on things like this, it's hypocritical and thus a wash, it's not what defines the parties for me.

    So many Repubs seemingly that is all they think a Demo can be (bloodsuckers), it's very narrow by their narrow make-up of diversity. To me I see fear from them, funny thing is I'm a white old male to and have no fears that they seemingly have, they strive for power, I strive for peace. Because when you really believe everyone is equal, you can let petty things/insecure things go, but obviously some cannot. They see a wall coming their way, they don't want to adjust... TOO BAD!
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    Birth control is cheap and you can get it for next to nothing at many public health facilities. Of course, when you're dealing with people who seemingly suffer no consequences for their own irresponsibility, why would they bother getting in the 1st place even if it's free?
  17. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    Those are 2 different beasts. The bloodsucker is gaining income that had to be provided at the expense of someone else. The guy getting a tax break is being billed for a smaller percentage of his earnings.
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    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    Power in numbers, power to the people...

    Bad policy doesn't become good policy because a bunch of people want it to happen.
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    I think you are being short-sighted. It isn't that policy is in question, it's the game. It's been rigged by the rich and powerful for the rich and powerful. People generally are tired of it. Tired of bailed out banks bailing out on the country. Tired of insurance companies collecting premiums and ditching claims. Tired of basically being jammed at every turn by the 1%.
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    ..... At the expense of someone else. The roads and bridges still have to be built. When the corporations are givin that tax break, it doesn't mean the need for infrastructure, a standing army and government programs go away. The taxes are simply passed onto the rest of us.