GOP "There will be no cooperation for the rest of the year"

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    New Rule: You can't use the statement "there will be no cooperation for the rest of the year" as a threat if there was no cooperation in the first half of the year. Here's a word the president should take out of his teleprompter: bipartisanship. People only care about that in theory, not in practice. The best thing that's happened this year is when President Obama finally realized this and said, "Kiss my black a s s, we're going it alone, George W. Bush style."

    Two months ago, conservative Fred Barnes wrote, "The health care bill is dead with not the slightest prospect of resurrection." Well, if it's dead, you just got your a s s kicked by a zombie named Nancy Pelosi. Seriously, the last time a Democrat showed balls like that John Edwards' girlfriend was filming it. Make all the botox jokes and she-shops-too-much jokes you want, but this is the biggest political victory a woman has ever achieved in America. Yes, Nancy Pelosi likes nice clothes. So does Sarah Palin. The difference is Nancy Pelosi pays for hers.

    But even before the Democrats got to take a single victory lap they were already being warned not to get used to the feeling, and not to get drunk with power. I disagree. All you Democrats: do a shot, and then do another. Get drunk on this feeling of not backing down and doing what you came to Washington to do.

    Democrats should not listen to the people who are now saying they shouldn't attempt anything else big for a while because health care was such a bruising battle. Wrong -- because I learned something watching the lying bullies of the Right lose this one: when they're losing, they squeal like a pig. They kept saying things like, the bill was being "shoved down our throats" or the Democrats were "ramming it through." The bill was so big they couldn't take it all at once!

    And I realized listening to this rhetoric that it reminded me of something: Tiger Woods' text messages to his mistress that were made public last week, where he said, and I quote, "I want to treat you rough, throw you around, spank and slap you and make you sore. I want to hold you down and choke you while I eff that ass that I own. Then I'm going to tell you to shut the eff up while I slap your face and pull your hair for making noise." Unquote.

    And this, I believe, perfectly represents the attitude Democrats should now have in their dealings with the Republican Party: "Shut the eff up while I slap your face for making noise -- now pass a cap-and-trade law, you stupid biatch, and repeat after me: 'global warming is real!'"

    The Democrats need to push the rest of their agenda while their boot is on the neck of the greedy, poisonous old reptile. Who cares if a cap-and-trade bill isn't popular, neither was health care. Your poll numbers may have descended a bit, but so did your testicles.

    So don't stop: we need to regulate the banks, we need to overhaul immigration, we need to end corporate welfare including at the Pentagon, we need to bring troops home from... everywhere, we need to end the drug war, and we need to put terrorists and other human rights violators on trial in civilian courts, starting with Dick Cheney.

    Democrats in America were put on earth to do one thing: drag the ignorant hillbilly half of this country into the next century, which in their case is the 19th -- and by passing health care, the Democrats saved their brand. A few months ago, Sarah Palin mockingly asked them, "How's that hopey-changey thing working out for ya?" Great, actually. Thanks for asking. And how's that whole Hooked on Phonics thing working out for you?
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    If you constantly want to participate and you pitch ideas and the other side goes in a room and closes the door in your face......then the 'not cooperating' is on the shoulders of the door closers.

    The Dems, pushing their agenda, is harming the future of our nation. I don't know how you figure Republicans are hillbillys. Where do you think you are, Canada eh ??

    Your idea to overhaul immigration....what, let them all in??

    I don't think the founding fathers had it in their minds for legislation to be pushed down our throats. It's suppose to be what the people want, not what some dementia-ridden, power hungry, spoiled brats want.
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    Diesel you need to update your rhetoric to reflect the most current democratic talking points. The democrats tried to say the republicans did not cooperate with the process until they could no longer suppress the truth.
    this led to Obama suddenly admitting that the republicans had presented ideas on the health care reform and his promise (broken again) that he would incorporate their ideas into his bill.
    I enjoy your role here as a liberal mouthpiece but please try to kep up and spew the most current talking points available.
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    Bill Maher is not a political more than Rosie O'Donnell or Jeanine Garafalo or Danny Glover or Barbara Streisand.....
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    ...or Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck or Bill O'Reilly.....
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    Jones...right ! They're all just making comments - jokes.
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    I don't think that Limbaugh, Oreilly, and Beck know that they are jokes. And on a personal note, does your husband steal the devil's line each morning? J/K
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    My hubby finds me totally entertaining and adding a comical edge to his serious golf life....going on 43 years now.

    When it comes to Oreilly or Beck...those aren't jokes....those are comments , their opinions on things.
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    I just can't wait till November. It'll be like 1994 all over again.
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    I will update my rhetoric to let you know this HealthCare Reform (aka Patients Bill of Rights) is modeled after Rep's Mitt Romney and Scott Brrown of Mass.....So props to Republicans.
    BTW from 2000-2006, Not even a mention and or interest of Healthcare reform by the majority Rep's....It was all about giving the rich tax breaks at the same time of starting wars and creating massive Rx bills w/o paying for them.

    For the most part, as a women, the Founding Fathers rammed legislation down women's throats, and had no intention to let your great great grandma to have a say......nor a vote....:wink2:
    The Party of Change won the office Democratically, legally, as the Founding Fathers layed the groundwork. The Party of Change, can finally call themselves "The Party of Change" for now, as far as HealthCare is concern.

    As I recall, since Esienhower, Republicans have always been harmful to this country. They grow Gov't just as big as the Dem's (if not bigger), and there's usally a bigger mess to clean up when they leave office. Usally takes the next incumbant's full first term to clean up after your boys...
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    The big difference this time is Odrama is not doing any clean up.....he is just spending freely and thinking he can go pick currency off the trees in the white house backyard. He tripled the mess and skips gayly on. What him worry!
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    Atleast , I can claim I live in a conservative elected province (state), and in a conservative elected country.
    Something, you can't do, Tie !
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    Ya, there!!! LMAO!!!!!!
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    Your brand of conservatism makes stalin look like a facist. you should go back to leering at college students on the beach. Its the only time your brain actually gives you the correct response.
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    What does it matter if Republicans cooperate or not?.... Democrats can do anything if they really want to and there is nothing the Republicans can do to stop them.
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    Democrats are short for "rats"; Republicans are short for "Can's".
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    with dems like this.................
    Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) has begun an unofficial “diversity survey” of Fortune 500 companies and has told the companies that if they do not participate in the survey, he will make their names public.

    The survey has already drawn fire from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as “a fishing expedition” and from legal experts, who say companies may violate federal employment laws by even asking such questions of their employees or suppliers.

    Menendez, the only Hispanic in the Senate, wants to find out how many minorities, women and disabled people serve as top executives or members of the firms’ corporate boards, as well as the “demographic makeup of your suppliers.”

    Read more:
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    Actually not, there's far more diversity among Dem's. There's the Kucinich left liberals, the moderates, and the blue Dogs. Amonst Rep's, if your not joining the far right wing your castigated to burn in hell and die of gonorrhea. And those Rep's who try to lean center or left on certain issues make a peep, but soon cower to the likes of Lindbaugh, Beck, and Palin..the mouthpieces of the GOP...