Got a shot at driving. Question about my options.

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  1. aggieODC

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    Hey All,

    I got a call about a week ago that my bid for Saturday Air went through. I went in and finalized my paperwork. I found that my study materials were incomplete so I called in to HR. He told me that there was also a spot open for TDC (which I also bid for).

    I'm an ODC clerk and work 6:30-10:30 (roughly).

    I'm trying to weigh out my options. My full time job of almost 12 years isn't looking so hot nowadays. I started at UPS looking for an opportunity to go full time at some point. I've always read good things about Saturday Air being a great way to start driving, so that was sort of my plan. With this TDC option coming available, I'm a little nervous.

    I have the flexibility from my full-time (family business) to be able to get away for cover driving. I'm just worried that I'll get stuck in some sort of odd black-hole and never get a chance to drive.

    Looking for opinions and considerations. I've only been with the company since November and this is all moving faster than I thought it would. I'm extremely excited for the opportunity, but I want to make sure I make an informed decision.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If your full time job affords you the flexibility to be a cover driver then by all means go for it. You may also end up running Saturday air.

    What makes you think the family business is in trouble?
  3. Brownslave688

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    It's all seniority. Put in enough time and you'll get a shot.
  4. aggieODC

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    We've been in trouble for years. Things have been declining. I made about 60% this year of what I was making 6 years ago. Aiming at less than that for 2015. I think the company would be better off without having to pay me, and my family (with a new one on the way) would be better off.

    I asked HR if I could sign up for both, as I've been told that they always need Saturday air drivers. I'm leaning towards TDC and then asking about driving Saturdays, too. HR told me I couldn't sign up for both through them.

    I asked my driver about how often TDC was driving in our hub. He says he has friends driving 5 days a week, but it's all about the routes you know.

    Thanks for the responses. Very appreciated it. I've enjoyed my short time at UPS so far and I want to keep a good attitude about the company.

    What are my chances of keeping my ODC job while doing TDC? I know we need people keying that will be there all the time. I'm worried that my sup will need to replace me. Di I still have the ability to work after a day of driving? I've been keying Express right on the air dock the past few weeks and I know drivers are rolling in right at deadline. I don't know how much use I would be if I started keying around 8.

  5. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    You would most likely not be able to keep your ODC job; however, you should be able to transfer to the preload to make sure that you get your hours when you are not on road.
  6. aggieODC

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    I've thought about that. I may ask about it if I can get it to work with my mornings.

    Either way it goes, I'm happy to be starting behind the wheel. Beard came off this morning and I'm ready for my driving test!
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  7. platinum9898

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    Good luck to you! Stick with it, all pays out in the end
  8. box_beeyotch

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    Even if you only got a few days a month in, it's good experience which will prepare you if you ever decide to go full time permanent. Its a no lose situation for you man, best of luck.
  9. PT Car Washer

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    I agree it is a great way to experience what it is like to be a FT package car driver and still be able to go back to your PT job if it is not for you. I have known several PTers who did seasonal and decided they can make pretty good money working PT and running Saturday Air and doing Air Exception work Monday thru Friday. No guarantee of hours but a lot less pressure and you can pick and choose how many hours you want to work that week.
  10. box_beeyotch

    box_beeyotch Well-Known Member

    Exactly. It's really whatever you prefer doing. You dont know until you try and any type of advancement or knowledge is never a bad thing to have. I wish I would've made the decision to do Saturday air or Reg temp driving before I went full time.
  11. aggieODC

    aggieODC New Member

    Thanks for the encouragement. I'll update with whatever happens this week.
  12. Oak

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    TCD is just that. Temporary. Meaning it's not likely you will drive everyday. Unless they need you. May not drive for a few weeks, then get called a few days or even a week, then not ~ for who knows how long.

    In my building, the lowest seniority TCD runs air EVERY Saturday.

    Your shift is local sort. That is where you will stay (when not driving) unless you choose to switch to preload. You should also keep your OCD job on the days you work local sort.

    I work smalls and OCD on my local sort shift in my small center.

    I went to Integrad last fall. Still haven't driven a day yet! Supposedly should be doing my space and visibility ride soon, so they can start me running air on Saturdays. I plan to stay on local sort. The hours fit my side biz better.

    Good luck in whatever comes your way.
  13. aggieODC

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    Okay. Got on the horn with HR this morning and made the decision for TCD. Should hear about my driving test this week. Woot woot. He told me I could keep my ODC job, but I don't think he knows what exactly we do and how critical it is to have a certain number of people keying every night. I'll speak with my supervisor tonight.

    Thanks again for the responses.
  14. undies

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    Driving doesn't depend on the routes you know, it's all based on seniority. If a lesser seniority driver is called over you due to their area knowledge, file a grievance and get paid for the time they worked.
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  15. aggieODC

    aggieODC New Member

    Good to know.

    I guess I should look into the PTer union after I get going, eh?

    I need to get some good boots, too.
  16. MC4YOU2

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    The FT and PT employees are in the same union, the Teamsters. You should have a bulletin board around the office somewhere with your locals number posted on it. Or just ask around, find out who your steward is.
  17. aggieODC

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    Will do.
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    AG-GIE Pride!!
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  20. aggieODC

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    Man, HR is SLOW! He confirmed that my pay rate during school would be my hub rate, and let me know the location, but they still haven't scheduled my test. I'm getting anxious!