Greatest Things In Life


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After a tough peak and heavy early January, I think its time to reflect on some good things in life that our good jobs at UPS allow us to enjoy when we are not working. As UPSers we work harder than the average person and I think it makes the little things in life that MUCH better.

Excluding family and friends here is what I think are some of the greatest things in life are and some events that are going to happen in the coming months:

The days getting longer and the sound of birds as spring approaches.

NFL playoff football on Saturday AND Sunday.

The Superbowl and its parties.

Pitchers and catchers report the 3rd week of Febuary.

March Madness.

And best of all...

Dinking an ice-cold beer and eating a hot dog in roof box seats at Fenway on opening day when the temperature is in the 70's. (this one is my favorite but is totally dependant on the weather. More likely in early April in Boston the temps will be in the high 40's and raining) Yet, I have attended games in April where the temp. was in the mid-70's!

I have many others but I'll leave some out in the hope that someone else will reply with their opinions.


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A cup of hot coffee first thing in the morning.

Playing with my neurotic, psycho dog.

Cooking a fabulous meal that is appreciated by all.

Getting a great deal on a shopping spree.


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The greatest thing for me is a day that I don't have to leave the property. I love a day where I can wander in the woods, or just stay home and do things around the house.

Not many days like that, and they are precious!


I think the greatest things in life are the things we take for granted every day.All too often we think of life as a task,when in the end it is actually an adventure with a sad ending.You can be fine today and dead six months later,so enjoy what you have while you have it.


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Some of my life's greatest things are the little ones. I, too, love a day when I don't leave the property. Sitting out by the pool with Mrs. Longlunch and a cup of coffee and the sunday paper with nothing in particular to do is a great day. Hey, browniehound! I was in Boston in April, 2005. It was in the 70 degree range when I ran up heartbreak hill, past BC (not blue cheese) and ran by Fenway on a day the Sox won. Running down Boyleston Street and completing the Boston Marathon....that was a really great day.


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I'm not much of a sports fan, but...

One of my favorite times of the year is when prespawn Crappie start staging along creek channels, which is about the same time the Bradford Pears start to bloom.


Too many things to list, but they are all the small ones.
Seeing my home in daylight.
Hearing my wifes voice when I get home.
Getting a good nights sleep.
And the most important,
being alive to experience it all.
Getting to see the sunrise and the sunset each day. Sometimes when out on area, I'll stop for a minute or two just to gaze at a beautiful West Texas sunset.
To see the smile on my sweetie's face when I walk in the door. Nothing make me happier.


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Having the grandchildren at the house and playing in the pool with the four that are old enough to be in there.

Playing chess with my oldest grandson (age 10) who has become good enough now to challenge me. He even beat me twice one day!

Traveling the world with my wife and making new friends along the way.

Never wearing a watch, except as jewelry.


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The intangibles and the non materials are usually the best, like

Knowing you've done the right thing, regardless what others think

Sharing a laugh about an inside joke

Waking up to find you still have several hours left to snooze

Phone calls with friends that last for hours

Listening to the rain on a lazy day

Taking a drive in a beautiful area

Laughing so hard that you collapse

But finding that crumpled up $20 bill in a coat pocket from God knows
when isn't too bad, either!

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Having all three of my daughters home at the same time.

Seeing Yankees beat the crap out of the Red Sox.

Going to a UPS Retirement Dinner for friends who live to see it.

Getting a great seat at a Springsteen concert.

Being able to hang out at home, all day, once in a while with my wife.

Hiking on the trails, by myself (No IPOD either).

Landing the 'Big ione' in the surf at the Jersey Shore.

Eating a perfectly presented Susji Grade Tuna steak...rare of course.

Great Italian Hot Pepers on a sandwich.



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Hey Peacock,

We have those hot fried peppers all the time and we put them with/on a condiment to us. Love 'em !

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Cooking hot pepers until they make you cry, with garlic and a little onion, in olive oil.....a long standing tradition in my wife's Italian are right, they go with everthing. Good for your health also.

In fact, my wife is reading a book about hot foods now called 'HEAT!' Bill Buford...



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A bottle of "Seven Deadly Zins" in front of me on the dinner table.

TWO bottles of "Seven Deadly Zins" in front of me on the dinner table.

Knowing that all of my 401K monthly purchases are being bought low (and hopefully sold high one day).

Not wearing a watch anymore (anyone interested in a Movado?)