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  1. leia

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    Can someone tell me the steps that are taken during a Termination Grievance? Just trying to get a heads up on what will happen.......can anyone help?
  2. rocket man

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    yup just keep YOUR head up dont talk to any ups manager keep in touch with union if it was a accident dont talk or say one word to insurance company bECAUSEyou ARE NOT ON THE CLOCK, AND DONT POST WHAT YOU DID OR WHAT THEY THINK YOU DID ON THIS OR any site . DONT GIVE UP DONT RESIGN,
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    Labor gives their side of the story first and your ba steward and you listen. You should take notes at this time. Then it's your ba's turn to dispute , explain , or plead for your stupidity. If an agreement can be reached ( dead locked) at this local level hearing then great. If not then it goes to a panel or I your local has arbitration the It will go there. Just because it's dead locked any the local level hearing doesn't mean a settlement can't be reached before it goes to the panal.
  4. JonFrum

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    Read the Grievance and Termination articles of your Suplement, and ask your Local for a copy of the rules and procedures of your area's grievance panel.