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    I was wondering if this same thing is going on elsewhere. I have several old unrelated grievences that I am being told by my steward are nowhere near a hearing. Obviously there are more important issues to be heard right now, like terminations and layoffs. I was wondering if maybe this was being done purposely by management as a stall tactic thinking I would just forget.
  2. UnsurePost

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    Check the waste bin.

    Honestly, that's where the grievances seem to go these days.
  3. MonavieLeaker

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    It could be a stall but it might be that theres more important union related things going....keep reminding the steward every now and then...Good luck :happy2:
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    Same thing is happening in our building. I wonder why the union can't get this stuff done faster. This has become worse over the last 5-6 years. I wonder if the two sides are in on it together as a wash my back and I will wash yours.
  5. backinbrown

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    i believe they only go to panel evry few months

    if can be settled in house the BA will call UPS's BA not what he is called but i forget the title.

    then they settle it.
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    If it can't be decided at a center level hearing, it goes to panel. Panels are usually 3-4 days. First on the agenda are any termination hearing, then disciplinary issues, and if they can squeeze them in, the run of the mill grievances. If it's cut and dry there's no reason to go past the center level hearing.
  7. backinbrown

    backinbrown respect my authority

    panels are three to four days

    but how long does it take to go to panel

    couple of months easy
  8. SuperSup

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    I agree completely; there's no reason not to have monthly district panels, instead of quarterly region panels. Better for the driver who's lost his job and needs to know what's next, better for the company who fired the driver wrongly and has to pay 2 and 1/2 months backpay.
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    Seems as thoe the better the relationship your steward and BA have with the center manager the more likely it is a grievance is dealt with in a more timely matter. Stay on top of your steward and if you get no where then call the hall. If your grievances are warranted then you need to follow up. You filed your grievances not only for you but for all your co-workers. Great job. We get treated like **** no matter what. So file away !!!
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    My understanding is up here (NE) they have a board every month but it sometimes takes a couple months to get on the docket. Then each side has the option to push the issue back a month to "Review" things or whatever lame reason they can come up with.

    So it could easily be 2-3 months before you go to a board.

    Been there done that, but I was already back to work, just fighting over 3 days pay.

    Got it :peaceful:
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    I just got decision forms from the 2/11 Nor-Cal grievance panel for two August '08 grievances. Both deadlocked.

    The national docket is, as this is written, available from TDU at, (displays here as an incomplete url, but the jump works). I haven't, but you can, check the dates of the grievances now being adjudicated.
  12. gandydancer

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    Umm.. no you can't. No dates on the docket. The National Grievance Panel was sched Feb. 2 - Feb. 5 in Ft. Lauderdale, btw.
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    We have had the same problem.. grievances are taking so long to resolve, that by the time they're heard the person has forgotten about it. I would be very interested to know what side is responsible for the delay... UPS or Teamsters?
  14. 705red

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    Here i can tell you that it is ups. Labor stalls and stalls and cancels hearing dates minutes before we are to meet. When we do meet even simple grievances are argued for way to long only to get documented as investigating until we get enough steps on them to send to panel. Typically when they get scheduled for panel finally is when you get them resolved or deadlocked at panel dragging it out until arbitration.

    Next contract we will/shall get language to expedite grievances!
  15. aikiernie

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    We have language in the southwestern to expedite grievances article 28,but we have a huge backlog of past grievances so it takes a while.Stewards need to handle and investigate all cases and fix all you can at the lowest level.This way panel can and should be for the serious cases.(ie;terms,layoffs,suspensions,...)
  16. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    congrats , but that doesn't help the 98%.
  17. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    Plus, the new national agreement reduced the number of meetings to 3 per yaer instead of 4. I had questioned and mentioned when the contract was under ratification if this was a positive or negative. People said "this did not matter" but I wonder?? Would this not be a negative in this case? ( grievances being stalled/unheard for longer periods)?

    Also, (OT) some of the stewards up here in NNE that I have seen are pro-UPS as far as biases. This does not help in the grievance procedure. IMO no shop steward should have any noticible bias except towards the person he/she is representing unless it is through and through 100% that UPS is following the contract.
  18. aikiernie

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    Why are they still stewards,are they voted in or appointed?How about your B/A's?
  19. Red Dawn

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    sorry our group of 22.3 just turned in 304 this week and will be turning in 110 more when we get our checks. And our pters have been turning a lot in this week also. it took a Buddie of mine that had won a grievance to be back on the ramp about 3months to be heard.And another 5months to finally get out of hub.(that's were he was before he went to Iraq)
  20. 705red

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    Maybe if the 98% does not settle a year early for garbage language and actually believe they deserve a fair contract they will receive one!?