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    Are there any centers out there with a gym with weights and other equipment? Every large company in my city has an employee gym except for our company.
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    We have a basketball court. That's about it.
  3. In my building the "gym" was next to the executive dinning room, across from our pool and golf course. Why do you need a gym when all you need to do is ask for 50 more stops or a couple more feeders to least you will be getting paid to work out!
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    Always a smartass!!
  5. Sorry, no disrespect intended. At one time our building did have a basketball court, volleyball and even a work out room. The employee's repeatedly damaged the equipment. They hung on the rims, slashed the basketballs. The workout room formerly was an employee breakroom..that to was trashed. Then people got hurt playing these games...and the liability was a problem. I'm happy to have a clean place were I can get a coffee, maybe a decent sandwich. Not many of our buildings have this or the space even if they could. Have you read the threads on our restrooms and locker areas. Animal house!
    By the way, our hub doubles as a day care!
  6. We don't have a gym because the work itself is a workout.

    Get creative, shoulder-press an over 70, curl a 30 lb small box, you get the idea
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    Yes, over 70s lattes, chest, leg press all day long, steps are the best i have an area there has to be 30 to 40 steps each house. again yes we have a gym.... lol
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    I'd rather hear from a smart ass, than a :censored2:. just saying !
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    No comprende !
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    It's spelled Jim and yes we have a couple.
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    We don't have one but there are a couple in the area that offer discounts to local gyms.
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    Asking if this company provides perks is laughable.

    we don't even get turkeys anymore, you think they'll spend big bucks on fitness equipment? Oh they encourage us to be healthy, but do little more than words of encouragement to back it up.
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    a lot of name calling in this post. a gym? we have one !!!! we have to go thru (HOOPS )to get toliet paper and paper towles.. we have pool every time it rains and the river is high tide ,The pool is open .trying to get in the building with a package car and trying to go home with your personell car, because the pool over flowed to the street. we have a sit up bench its used in the morning certian drivers use it while waiting to get there daily letter of warning. and lifitng free weights stuffing the over 70s into the package two minutes befor we leave. (and you ask do we have a gym???
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    i almost belived you for a second .
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    Thats a whole another topic. But, yet the premises are not smoke free.

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    There is a gym across the street from my barn, where you can do some arm curls, its call the local establishment. Every Friday we have our union meetings there after work hours.
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    To quote Lee Corso "Not so fast my friend.". The Sprint discount is pretty awesome. Got my whole family in on the deal. I myself did it for years, but just counting since I got my whole family involved we have saved probably around $600 since I roped everyone in.
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    I only come here to get paid, everything else I could piss on.
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