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  1. paidover95

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    Does anyone have any requested mounting brackets for their hand carts in their package car??My mechanic says there is no such thing.Article 18 section 14 3rd paragraph down of the master agreement states we can have one "when requsted".I m sick of the thing bouncing arond in the back.Safty committe has done absolutely nothing on this.Anyone have any feed back for me??
  2. upsyo

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    the new cars have bungee straps built into the shelves to hold the hand cart
  3. Anonymous 10

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    This sounds like a job for Integrity.
  4. paidover95

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    I drive a new workhorse.It has a bungee attached to the shelf.It doesnt stop it from "tilting"and slaming into the wall all day long.It needs a bracket on the floor to hold it in place.Ive seen them in fed-ex trucks.Really whats the big deal?Its in the contract!
  5. klein

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    What the hell are those ? Must be a new invention !

    Great, just no space to wrap the bungee strap around all those packages and cart.

  6. Big Babooba

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    We have a few trucks with them bolted to the floor. I asked for one to be installed in my truck and was told that they are no longer available.
  7. I have a bungee on my shelf works great, when I use it. I usually just tilt the cart handle on the shelf and it stays.
  8. scratch

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    Easy fix, I had my mechanic install a couple of eyebolts to the front of the 4000 Section shelf. A bungee cord should do, but in my Hub, I lock it into place with a bicycle chain and padlock.
  9. bigbrownhen

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    Is this deja vu? I thought we talked about this in another thread?

    Any how, My 700 has the little storage rack by the 4000 shelf. I just bungee my cart to that. I run it vertical vs horizontal, holds it tighter, no noise.

    As for the holding straps, I havent seen any, but I haven't been in the new trucks yet. I have heard there is nothing to bungee the carts to.
  10. Dagoof

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    I bungee mine to the 4000 shelf and throw a smalls bin on the blade keeps it from tipping
  11. Richard Harrow

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    I drove one of the new piece of junk 10-cube Freightliner's yesterday. There are is a bungee cord that has 1 end permanently fixed at the front of the 4000 shelf. The other end wraps over the handtruck and secures into a small hole also on the 4000 shelf. It's actually a pretty good idea that UPS in their infinite wisdom should have thought of about 70 years ago. But what do you expect from the company that brought you 85 years of manual steering vehicles?
  12. tracker2762

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    I have a small bungee cord attached to the hand truck and secure it to the top shelf with the hook. Works great and no longer bangs on side of pc.
  13. Cementups

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    the old handcarts without the drag rails on the back could just be flipped upside down and hung by the wheels from the shelf. Stupd drag rails don't let you do that anymore.

    As for my P7, I strap it to the magazine rack on the wall by the 4000 shelf lilke BBH does.

    I have seen the bracket you speak of in some of our newer trucks.. My old box sprinter had one in it as well. You still need to hook the cart to the shelf though cause it will sllide out of the braket and roll across the PC
  14. ajblakejr

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    Like the hand truck holder found in the front or rear of soft drink delivery trucks?
  15. tieguy

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    save us integrity , save us!!
  16. FracusBrown

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    I heard they shot down the 3 point seat belt concern, but there going to install a NASCAR style roll cage with a hand truck holder in every truck and instead of a gift certificate for a turkey at Christmas they be passing out coupons for helmets and fire suits (optional, but only the ones with the logo on the chin strap and on the ankle are approved)
  17. satellitedriver

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    I just lay my two wheeler face down on the floor of my pkg car.
  18. chestermechanic

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    Here is the part number to tell your mechanic to order Hand Cart Securing Strap #3428936
  19. soberups

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    I know some drivers that keep their handcart in the cab, standing upright against the folded up passenger seat. They secure it using the passenger seatbelt.

    I just secure mine to the "magazine rack" that is on the wall next to the 300 and 400 shelves using a black bungee cord. If I get a spare car with no rack I bungee it to the lip of the shelf.
  20. jimstud

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    i am on the safety committe and we have been ordering them for all our pkg cars. they work better than a bungee cord but the problem is that we are only allowed to order 2 per week.