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    5 years starting Aug 1 08. Mikey says it's a "good one".
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    I have not heard anything about this. I hope your right. Bring this thing to a quick end. We'll see the details.
  4. mikeb

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    Cant wait to see the details!
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    call 1 866 461-8881 for some details.
  6. 705red

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    Thanks for the info, for those who havent called it says that its a 5 year deal with $9 an hour increase with pay and benefits over the 5 years. It does say to come back and check teamster website in the coming days for details. Lets wait and see.
  7. Delivered

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    It will be intersesting to see ALL of the details.
  8. Pollocknbrown

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    Ill wait to see all the details before i cast my vote. But if its a good contract, glad to see it get hammered out before the deadline so the CO doesn't lose customers in fear of a strike.
  9. Griff

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    I'll be the first to call BS on a $9 raise over 5 years. Look at how much they press us now, imagine what they will pull to "justify" paying drivers $38/hr.
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    The phone message mentioned 9.00 an hour in Pay AND benefits. I am not sure, but would bet it would be somewhat close to 4.50 in raises, and 4.50 in benefit raises, just to match inflation.
  11. 705red

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    Griff its not just hourly, so you wont see $9 an hour in pay. Your health and pension contributions are included in that raise.
  12. brazenbrown

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    Wow, how great an early contract!!

    What a gracious employee...You know you can always take a hike!:mad: UPS Pays it's drivers very well and yes I know we work very hard. I'd challenge anyone to find a $30+ an hour somewhere else with the same skill set.

    I don't mean to sound harsh but that just sounded a little too entitled to me.:thumbup1:
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    Hey guys,let's face it. If our pensions and benefits improve, with a decent hourly increase every year, thats excellent. You're never going to see anymore holidays or more time off. For all you young guys and gals out there who don't have family's yet, the BENEFITS ARE HUGE.:thumbup1:
  14. abbear

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    Just to extrapolate off our current agreement if we increase pension contributions by $2 a week that would be $4.25 for pension over 5 years and $4.75 for wage increase over 5 years (.95 an hour).

    While I am concerned about the pension issue I am also concerned about non economic issues as well and count them as equally important - ie mandatory overtime, new technology, etc.
  15. Griff

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    What are you all coked out on the weekend here or what? Nothing in that comment had anything to do with entitlement.
  16. scratch

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    UPS Freight also got an agreement in Indianapolis, according to www.teamsters.org. This will serve as a contract model for the rest of UPSF in the rest of the country. Still no more details than what everyone else has posted here.

    I am glad to see an early deal, I look forward to seeing the details soon.
  17. moreluck

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    UPS, Teamsters Agree on New Five-Year Contract
    Sunday September 30, 8:27 pm ET Accord Is Negotiated A Year Early
    CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--UPS (NYSE:UPS - News) today announced it had reached a tentative agreement with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters on a new five-year contract covering approximately 240,000 full- and part-time package employees in the United States.
    The tentative contract, which now must be presented to UPS Teamster-represented employees for ratification, was negotiated nearly a year in advance of the current contract's expiration on July 31, 2008. Upon ratification, most provisions of the new agreement will take affect on August 1st, 2008.
    "This agreement is good for our people, good for our customers and good for our company," said Mike Eskew, UPS's chairman and CEO. "This agreement will allow us to remain competitive in a challenging marketplace. And the fact that we have reached an agreement earlier than at any time in our history is a testament to the skills and determination of all those involved in these talks."
    The tentative contract includes wage increases as well as significant contributions to healthcare and pension plans to help strengthen these benefits for employees. The agreement allows UPS to withdraw employees from the Central States multi-employer pension plan and to establish a jointly trusteed single-employer plan for this group. UPS will make a pre-tax $6.1 billion payment to the Central States plan in connection with its withdrawal.
    "This is an historic time for our company and for our people," Eskew concluded. "This past summer, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of our founding. It gave us the opportunity to reflect on all that we have achieved together and, more importantly, how well positioned UPS is for success in the coming years. This agreement will help to ensure that future success."
    UPS, which celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2007, is the world's largest package delivery company and a global leader in supply chain services, offering an extensive range of options for synchronizing the movement of goods, information and funds. Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., UPS serves more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. UPS's stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange (UPS) and the company can be found on the Web at UPS.com. To get UPS news direct, visit pressroom.ups.com/RSS.
    Except for historical information contained herein, the statements made in this release constitute forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Such forward-looking statements, including statements regarding the intent, belief or current expectations of UPS and its management regarding the company's strategic directions, prospects and future results, involve certain risks and uncertainties. Certain factors may cause actual results to differ materially from those contained in the forward-looking statements, including economic and other conditions in the markets in which we operate, governmental regulations, our competitive environment, strikes, work stoppages and slowdowns, increases in aviation and motor fuel prices, cyclical and seasonal fluctuations in our operating results, and other risks discussed in the company's Form 10-K and other filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which discussions are incorporated herein by reference.

    UPSNorman Black, Public Relations404-828-7593orAndy Dolny, Investor Relations404-828-8901
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    Of course Mike said it is a good one. He has to sell it. What's more important is what the rank and file think about it.
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    can someone explain this one to me?
    i have almost 4 years of service, 2.5 part time
    and the rest full time.
    am i an "Eligible" UPSER?
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    Just as long as all this Friggin overtime is addressed.