Handshake agreement?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by worldwide, Jul 29, 2008.

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    Any truth that there is a handshake agreement in place with 710?
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    Thats the rumor, management sent in a ods message in diad
  3. loserupser

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    Thats the rumor, management sent in a ods message in diad
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    Congrats! Any idea where 705 stands now? -Rocky
  5. i heard things are moving along......slowly.but they are talking......more things done in a few hours than done in 6 weeks.....i guess the small things are done now its time for the big issues i.e. health and welfare,wages,pension contributions etc.....also guys have you seen how the media picked apart your NMA?????? they cant believe you guys voted YES to that pile of garbage they shoved down your throat.......top out wages.....loss of 22.3 jobs after the 5th year of the NMA......YOU GUYS GAVE UP AN AWFUL LOT.....i hope you guys read the NMA before voting on it.....i know i went and read our proposal( it took a little time ) but it will affect me for the next 5 to 6 years...we are asking for sick days,which we dont get now,M L KING B-DAY as a holiday.....thats just a few of the small things.......i urge you read our proposal before you judge us.......705 Teamsters are not the bad guys you make us out to be....... AGAIN THE MEDIA SAID THE TEAMSTERS HAVE BEEN PANTS'D and that Hoffa is turning in his grave at Giants Stadium . (LMFAO)
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    Congrats to 710 & UPS. I hope you have reached an agreement that is fair & equitable to (and can be abided by) both sides for the next 5 years.
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    You sound like another troll. show us what media would badmouth a contract that will pay its members 32 buck an hour after 5 years.
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    the Rockford IL air hub was told there was a "handshake" agreement at 2pm yesterday afternoon. (tuesday). i have no idea what this means or what was agreed to. i work 530pm to 330am maybe i will find out tonight. did they agree to send a contract proposal to send to us or agree to agree to continue talks? this was both 705 and 710 we were told.
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    US media is just a propaganda machine. The framed information they constantly spew is probably one of managements greatest inspiration and one of the biggest reasons this country is going to :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:.

    The fact is, the majority of people working here would be lucky to make half of 32 an hour after 5 years. :knockedout:
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    Actually tieguy..CNBC.

    Check out the Mad Money vid on the front page of BC. Go into the video about 6:10.
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    Yes, the rumor is true. At a few minutes till 2 yeasterday afternoon Local 710 reached a tenative 5 year agreement with UPS. Our fellow Brothers and Sisters from Local 705 was meeting with UPS again today to work on reaching an agreement. Good Luck Brothers!!
  13. gotcha Tie.......you need to lay off the posts and see the real world.......like he said check out Mad Money on CNBC!!!!!!!!!!LET US KNOW WHAT YA THINK AFTER YOU SEE IT TIE..........like i said you should have read your contract before you voted instead of looking at the wage increase only......DOH !!!! DOH!!!!! GOOD ONE NEW ENGLANDER.......THAT STILL WONT SHUT HIM UP ......
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    SHE...I'm a SHE :)
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    the only thing i see is a pretty postive piece by Cramer?

  16. SORRY Belle..... im new here....i just registered
  17. positive Tie???????? he said he loves how companies crush unions....but he couldnt believe that contract went by the Teamsters......
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    no worries :)