Happy Founders Day

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by pt_oms, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. pt_oms

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    Hello everyone, regardless of the disagreements we may have, there is no arguing that a company that has been around for 99 years must do something right. So happy birthday UPS, and thank you for helping provide me with a good salary, and excellent benefits
  2. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Ditto that.

    It's the upcoming years that scare me.
  3. sendagain

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    I wonder if I can sneak into a hub for a BBQ later?
  4. retired2000

    retired2000 Active Member

    did any of the buldings do anything ? we use to get a gift and food. do not know if theystill do this.
  5. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Have taken this week as vacation for many years. I'd like to know too.
  6. not in jax...Didnt even know today was founders day until i logged on here.
  7. internetuser

    internetuser New Member

    founder's day:) I go to found another one.
  8. diadlover

    diadlover New Member

    we got cake, gatorade, and muffins
  9. brett636

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    Our hub had a "UPS family appreciation day" on saturday. They had games for the kids, a car and bike show, music, food, etc. I was quite impressed as that was the biggest employee appreciation event that I've seen since I've worked for UPS. In the past all they did for founders day was set the coffee machines to give us free coffee, but no accouncements were made.
  10. 1980

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    Re: APWA Update: Indianapolis, Ind. Center

    Bagels and OJ in North Jersey ,tried to play a video but could not get it to work.:ohmy:
  11. switchoff

    switchoff New Member

    We got a couple big birthday cakes with 'UPS' emblazed on it and coffee. Something that sweet doesn't go down that well that early in the morning :(
  12. scratch

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    We should all be greatful that Jim Casey sold his gold prospecting mule and decided to gamble instead on opening up a messenger service in Seattle 99 years ago. I have made a darn good living all my adult life, I consider myself lucky compared to most folks.

    My Hub had two sheet cakes, six boxes of donuts, fruit trays, gatorade, water, juice, and a video at our PCM this morning. I missed the PCM, but did grab some fruit.

    Busy day, DIAD 4 was dead at 615AM this morning, vacation driver didn't push it all the way in the slot last Friday. Finally found a DIAD 3 and got it reconfigured, left building late but got EAMs off allright. Wound up with a 10.25 hour day. Lots of fun.
  13. speeddemon

    speeddemon Guest

    Aint that the friggin truth....
  14. danlin

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    2 Big cakes for us ... never anything healthy like fresh fruit and bagels...they know that the sugar will spike our energy level until the 11:00 crash.
  15. bear123

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    If its any consolation Jax, next year when UPS breaks a hundred, I can almost gurantee you that UPS will pull out all of the stops in all of the hubs and centers. When UPS turned 75 they had an open house where they allowed familes and friends take a tour of the building. That was kind of neat. They also had bb-q and even a band played that day. Yes this 100 year anniversary celebration will get a lot of attention from the media and politicians.

  16. tired upser

    tired upser Guest

    Burrito's and orange juice! Yuck! At 8 in the morning?
  17. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    We had cake and coffee and hot chocolate.and that rock video...I asked the guy next to me if he wanted to dance...what a look I got!
    video...sounds like trooper...but a nice change...Jim Casey would freak out if he saw the chaos at our center some mornings.
    But god bless him and the horse he rode in on.
    Heres an idea...free shipping for a week! in north america to thank our customers...it would pay off in new accounts...for the 100th
  18. Smoke-Eater

    Smoke-Eater New Member

    We got donuts that were left over from preload. They say they're only allowed to spend $1 per each employee. Nothing like eating a bunch of donuts at break and then getting sick in a trailer.
  19. ups_vette

    ups_vette New Member

    Since I'm retired and no longer go to work at a UPS building everyday, I took my wife, children, and grand kids out for surf and turf to celebrate Founders Day. We toasted Jim Casey and UPS with a bottle of Dom Perion champagne.
  20. BoogaBooga

    BoogaBooga Member

    Where did UPS get all those smiling faces in that video? None of them came from our area. I'm betting they were Kelly temps.