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    I was recently accused of yelling at ctr mgr a clear out right lie and for refusing to leave company property after off clock another outright lie, and had my job threatened w insubordination.we are clearly not in the armed forces all within a span of 3 days I'm clearly a target on top of that ctr manager claimed i was harassing him since when do employees hurt managements feelings.:confused:1:confused:1:confused:1
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    since when do employees hurt managements feelings.:confused:1:confused:1:confused:1[/quote]

    In the contract its called respect :thumbup1: :lol:
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    Were there any witnesses?

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    of course only members. since im considered a hellraiser and they cant get me on anything for ex. attendance, job performance, etc... they stoop down to a new level just outright lying- how about that?????:thumbup1::thumbup1:
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    Maybe it`s because you look like Borat !!:lol:
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    sounds like you're having too much fun being a pain in managements ass. Enjoy the game while you have the winning hand. Remember though you have to be perfect all the time. They only have to catch you screwing up one time. Are you sure the game is really worth it? Is having a reputation as a hell raiser really all that?
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    And there lies the problem. When management let's others get away with not being "perfect" but singles out, or targets, someone else and watches them like hawks for them to make a single mistake that the others get away with. That is definately inconsistent management. All because that person doesn't fall in line like the others. The attitude that it's a game is another problem in itself.
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    Now big what is management but a pursuit of nice neat orderly lines.:thumbup1: :thumbup1:
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    When you get on the wrong side of the MAN somebody usually ends up gone. I've seen a majority of the center drivers get rid of sups and mgrs but they can wait you out also and if/when you do screw up they'll be ready. That has been the past history I've witnessed. These days I've also seen management with less of an appetite for confrontation. They,like most of us, prefer to get along and do their time without the daily drama. Some of them prefer to bluster their opinions on sites like these instead of their place of work where they could actually make a difference. I guess there are still pockets of the country where management still trys to intimidate instead of lead their employees but everyday these types become less relevant. Ever since we went public as a company we've lost something that made us different, something that made us better than the other guys. I can't put my finger on just what that is. I hope we can turn our company around and attract better folks to change this mediocrity. I hope your hellraiser personality is based on pointing out to management their missteps in somewhat amiable way. Nobody likes an a-hole all the time ask TIEGUY.
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    Hey I am in the same boat with managment..cept I am PT female employee.
    Being singled out is no fun, and being terminated for something everyone else is doing is even worse. I don't know if I am deemed a trouble maker or not, but I do know managment does not like outspoken individuals that point out their mistakes and safety issues.
    Unified we must stay strong to end this kind of treatment. And on respect...well it runs both ways. You have to be repectful for others to respect you. And if you are an out right liar that is hard to get past. Good luck with all you do, may you find comfort in knowing you aren't alone. Unified!


    Buffy! :)
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    Do tell - how many tatoos and tell me you have one of a devil with a trident?

    And for some reason, based on your picture, and living in the "Great State of Texas", where everyhting is big, I would imagine you have a big mouth.

    Maybe that's the perception of the manager saying you were yelling at him. And UPS management does have the right to ask an employee to leave the premises, if they are disruptive to the operation in any way.

    I managed many operations and have asked annoying people to leave, both hourly and management. Although those were rare ocassions.
  12. You seem like a generous person, only wanting to give and never to receive. Sounds like your manager just wants to share the love.
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    Settle down, DAWG...getting in a fight here isn't gonna do your rep power any good.

    Funny description of the tattoo, Channahon. I like the "big mouth" comment, too. I'm from Texas but I don't yap at management. No, my favorite is a grievance. It usually settles down the worst of the insults/trash talk. And Channahon, just so ya know, I don't wave the grievance card casually. I'll file only for something I know I'm right about and will win. So far, it hasn't reached that step. Never seen or heard of a member of management or an hourly walked out of an operation, except for fighting. I'd like to see some of your managerial counterparts escorted out for stupidity and incompetence but I know that won't happen:mad:. No offense meant to the good managers like yourself out there :thumbup1:. -Rocky
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    I forgot to quote Channahon check out the next one below
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    Whats the matter with tattoos ? They make you work harder, drive safer and most importantly chicks dig 'em!
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    I'm with Channahon on this one, UK. I can't abide tattoos. I can tolerate 'em when they're small in size and few in number but not numeous tattoos or large sized. It makes ya seem like a punk and in many parts of Denver, the only people that have a lot of 'em are of the undesirable element. Some chick's may dig 'em but not my kinda chick! -Rocky
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    Absolutely nothing. As long as they don't take over your whole body.

    I think tattoos say a lot about a person based on their choice of tatoos.

    At the bike rally at Stugis, SD I've seen UPS employees get the "old" logo tatoos. Not sure how they feel about the "new" logo, though.

    Do you have one of those??
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    In the workplace, Don't cheat,dont' steal,don't fight,don't cuss out or threaten anybody(even though you really wan't to),don't get racial,don't get sexual(even though you really want:w00t: ),don't get caught out of area,don't missdeliver excessively,don't get into accidents,don't get excessive absentees and tardies,enter your break and meal times into your DIADS,don't get caught visually loafing and stealing time,..ECT....

    What I'm trying to say his MNGMT can harass you all they want,but if you draw attention to yourself,you better follow these rules HELLRAISER.Believe me,I've filed many a grievances in my pkg car days (many on harrassment) and I'm still here only because I covered my :censored2:.

    Now lose the SADAM HUSSIEN Picture and type your threads a little more grammatically correct,and straighten up Brown Soldier:mad:
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    Oh,bytheway,I have been Harassed on my Tattoo's,But mgr never pursue it,too many drivers in our bldg have them,it was becoming an issue,but slowly died out..Besides now they letting guys with dreadlocks keep their hair long,giving drivers with religious beliefs friday off or a pay actual,why can't I grow a goatee or a ponytail:confused:1 .This place is to conservative.
  20. Are you sure those weren't the United Pot Smokers?