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    Are these grievances even worth writing?

    I've got a supe after me and the mileage just keeps tacking on. Bullied out of a driver position to hire his buddy, called into drive while disqualified, written up for not bending at knees without a verbal warning (nobody does it), get random evalulations when I'm on the load, etc. It's constant. No clue what I did, but not everyone likes each other in life.
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    In general life is unfair. Harassment as you have described would be very hard to prove. Way to many rules they can getcha on. I would document incidents that you feel where unjust. I would try to follow the rules to the letter. HAve a talk w your steward explaining your concerns.
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    someone who doesn't give a flip is less likely to have the attention coming. (;
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    Yes. If u end up fired which has happened to people who are targets, it's very important to be able to show a history of harassment via greviences. It will help you sooooooo much at a hearing, and if you are fired and don't get your job back an attorney will be more likely to help you out if they see a paper trail of harassment.

    You will likely get harassed more after you file, be sure to file a grievance the second that happens and include the words retaliation in there and explain that you feel you are being retaliated on for filing grevience number xxxxxx.
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    It took you longer to write that post than it would have taken to write out the grievance. Do yourself a favor and go ahead and get 5-10 grievance forms. If anything comes up that you question, document it. If your local is anything like mine they will stay "we'll take care of it, no need to file." only to find out 2 weeks later nothing has happened. Always file. Inmediatley. Don't trust anyone that doesn't wear brown to work everyday.
  6. That is a judgment call you have to make. I can tell you it is almost impossible for any UPS'R to get fired unless you violate the 3 cardinal sin's. I have a feeling I know whats going on but I will not say. Hang in there and keep a good attitude. It will get better. Don't be scared because Telematics is your best friend. That is only if you running a route. Not inside the hub work.
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    Harassment is part of the culture at UPS either you have thick skin or you sink!!!!!
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    What are the three cardinal sins? Im guessing theft, dishonesty, and stealing company time...

    What do you think is going on?
  10. AlwaysChafed

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    Very true.
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    Stealing company time would fall under "theft." I would say harassment/violence of some sort is #3.
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    You can thank the teamsters for part of that.....
  14. Yes the 3 cardinal sins Lying (dishonest) Cheating (padding your day) and stealing. Other than that you can not get fired. Unless you keep on making mistakes, then management has to take the proper steps. Warning letter 1 day suspension 3 day suspension 5 day suspension then termination and that is for the same mistake in a 9 month period. I won't speculate whats going on. If you make a different mistake, then the process will be completely separate.
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    If you want them to stop, file a charge with the EEOC
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    I would also throw a hail mary and file an NLRB charge under Section 8(a)(3).
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    If you do the job right and wait until this prick leaves as your boss then you should get what you want. Management come and go. It sucks but in this company there's a time to roll with the punches or stand your ground. If it was me, I would roll with the punches! Good luck!
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  19. PiedmontSteward

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    Not necessarily in response to routine discipline, no matter how asinine it might appear as the grievance will appear frivolous.

    If this is being coupled with violations of Article 37 (retaliation for filing grievances, verbal harassment/abuse, over supervision, etc.) then that's a slightly different story. Having multiple witnesses to back up your case will help immensely (get written statements with dates and specific examples).
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    What is padding your day?