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    Looking for info on getting in full time. I hear best way to go is to lump boxes at airport and bid in. Is this true and if so how long is the norm to gete in and to be able to bid as a part timer. Also as a full time seasonal driver i here theres ways. Can a harrisburg driver give me info?


    Uhhh 3!!!!
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    I will ask my buddies in feeders they know everything.
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    I'm not sure I have ever seen anybody lump boxes before?
    Although I'm not from Harrisburg.
    You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
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    If you already have a CDL you will still have to qualify with UPS. Check with Human Resources about the "feeder qualified list" Good luck and I hope you like 43rd street
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    This is for UPS Freight^^

    Any job at UPS is a promote from within (primarily) so yes, starting inside and signing appropriate bid list is the best way to move on up the ladder.
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    They had a regular feeder driver position listed a few days ago.

    Now Marysville, PA, which is just North of Harrisburg, is listed as having feeder openings.
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    It's a positive number, just not quite "1" . I think it's technically called "a smidgen". :happy2:
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    Do you want to be forever be known as a "box lumper'?:happy2:
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    Why is this thread named "Harrisburg pa feeder driver"???? How does this thread pertain to Feeder Driver if original poster is inquiring about getting his foot in the door for full time work ???
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    Maybe he is presently a Harrisburg feeder driver with another company...
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    Because the OP (who chose the wording for the tread title) want's to be a feeder driver out of Harrisburg, Pa? Just a guess.
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    I drove through Harrisburg yesterday--if it were me I'd look for work elsewhere.
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    I will run 43rd street everyday if we get the bid back....man i Loved running there also i like going to island city and from there i ask for a 43rd
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    If I ever make the jump to feeders I'm wearing cowboy boots and a big belt buckle????
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    Ouch man, ouch!!! :smart: