Has anyone read this?

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    That's garbage!
    Believe in how you are treated not what some web site tells you. A large company like UPS has many diferent types of people and some always think they have been violated. Seems like this guy was one.
    Just look at your experience and see if you agree.
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    You pretty much answered your own question. "I always THOUGHT there was a policy..........although never read it anywhere".

    Company policy can change at any moment to suit the situation and then disappear instantly thereafter.

    The contract has language that all parties agree to abide by, in essence it is the "law". On more than one occasion, the company has shown me/us that they are above the laws of the land which includes the labor agreement.

    Just my opinion....this situation could have been handled in a much different manner. Apparently the company needed to make a statement and this individual made the perfect sacrificial lamb.

    A reasonable person could easily conclude that this person got screwed royally by the company and the union.
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    I read the articles but I am not sure why this guy was fired. What happened?
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    In short,I think because of a lawsuit filed against his local presidents they went on a witch hunt.
    I have had a bad experiance with UPS,although I wasn't fired what that company did to me was what I think(& others) very wrong(Someday I will be able to tell my story).
  6. Every horror story is usually caused by a recently promoted center manager that can basically do whatever he feels is best for the company.They will back him till the end.Sad but true,if they have it in for you you are gone.
    The union wont help you,they work together.
    You union guys that say take your lunch on road
    are right in principle but in some cases its impossible unless you get help,and if they dont help you you have to take your break later.They hold all the cards .
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    Ever had LP follow your wife around? Or your kids? For months on end?

    Ever had a cat (your daughters) commit suicide by hanging itself from your back door knob?

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    I guess I'm dense....what's your point?
    Please share more of your story so we can conclude something.
    If this occurred to you and there were third party witnesses...I think you would be on the receiving end of a major legal settlement.

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    His point is, his cat is damn smart, so he hung himself.
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    If his cat was so smart he would have used the front door knob. Back doors are precursors to all sorts of things. I wish I could tell you. Maybe someday I will...
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    I guess I'm dense....what's your point?
    Please share more of your story so we can conclude something....

    heh heh!
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    They used the back door because the front of the house is lit up too much for chicken s*&( thugs.

    Anybody that has been around for 30 years will tell you things have changed. And they have.

    At several times in my career, management (and esp some LP guys) tried to make my life a living hell.

    As for third parties being a witness, yes that would have been nice. But we are talking real world here, not some fantasy.

    As for the cat he broke his neck and cut his throat before he tied the rope around his neck and then the door knob. I never could figure out how he did that!

    As for recordings, I used to carry a little one with a phone tap cap. Caught many an interesting conversation, including managers telling me to falsify stops, sheet misloads as stops NSS, all sorts of stuff. Funny thing about recording a phone conversation, as long as one of the parties on the line is OK with it, it is legal.

    Im glad things have changed for the better.

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    So you had some nut heads running around your house terrorizing your cat, and you're leading us to believe that maybe it was management that was responsible for it?? Without any hard evidence, perhaps you SHOULD keep this story to yourself. Some people might think you also know who killed JFK.
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    There's always some manager that comes into a hub and bullies it into some miniscule compliance. Just go out and get your job done everyday, eventually the management will change and you'll be closer to retirement.
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    been with UPS for 26 yrs never had that happen at the center I am out of, hard to imagine it could happen
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    I wouldn't put it past management to do something like this.
    Another scenario is management will push an employee until he does something stupid like fly off the hook and take a swing at a sup. This has happened in my hub. Employee lost his job permanently.
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    Many of the "dinosaurs" were weeded out in the mid-late 90's. As a supervisor I was appalled by the way some of these people carried themselves and treated people. It was utter madness. I had no respect for those people. I also learned that their nonsense was not directed at just non-management. I had another supervisor threaten me, then lied about it in front of my manager and his. Jerk, they both eventually ended up getting fired for the morons they were.

    Do the job, people problems will eventually take care of themselves.
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    Dear SO

    I <u>DO </u>know who killed JFK, doesnt everybody?

    As for the crap you think should not be posted, why? Cant handle the truth? I can give you dates and times when our local LP followed my wife and kids around, months on end. And who knows what glossy 8X10's they have of me.

    It happens when managers get a burr up the chute, they feel like they need to take it out on someone. And I guess my back was the one they chose. All but one of the managers involved were terminated, and the one that was not was transfered out of state. UPS did clean house in the 90's and a lot of bad management went out the door.

    As I said, things have changed. Dont know what I would do now if things were like they were back then. But one thing is for sure, any animal that would do that to the cat needs to be shot.

  19. It was an explosive brain hemmorage,due to stress
    from the Teamsters,the CIA, and the KKK telling JFK to mind his own business.
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    Sure Danny, we believe you!!!!