has anyone transfered as driver to other location


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You cannot transfer as a driver. Believe me, I tried so hard to do it 3 years ago but it can't be done. You have to resign and then get rehired in the new center, which is what I did.


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We've had a couple of drivers transfer in -- the last one to do so is now laid off -- what a nice change of pace for him... we even have a couple of drivers who would take a voluntary lay off for a month or so but management says the union has to approve and the union says management has to approve... so he's laid off and willing to work and another driver is working who doesn't want it...


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I think it's time we changed this. Transfers should be aloud across the board. FedEx does it. Company seniority should prevail. Not "building seniority."

Indeed. I met a former FedEx driver that moved from somewhere in the East to Denver for his wife's job. Hurt his back, FedEx paid for the surgery and he quit. He's a mass transit driver now lol. :lol::lol:


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If you work in the Western Conference, there is the ability to transfer to certain States. All options are considered West Coast States(ie: Calif, Washington, Oregon, Utah, New Mexico, Montana etc.) However you lose all seniority when you arrive at the new center. This means not only are you a utility driver again(if you gave up a route), but you are at the bottom of the totem pole. In essence you can be laided off because you are now considered the "new hire", the only things you keep are vacation weeks/pay(however if the new center has a different hourly wage, some do, you will change to that wage). If your thinking about going to another center and then going into feeder,(some guys thought that the transfer only pertained to package, not feeder) good luck they have made sure this is not an option. You are also considered a new hire for feeder list (ie: your new senoirity date is your transfer date). And the last thing is they have a ratio they go by for transfers, 6 to 1 that means they must promote 6 inside postions to full time before they can accept a transfer. This can make for a slowwwwww process. I think the whole thing is designed to get you to stay where you are.