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    I have been trying to get some answers regarding retirement but keep getting the we will get back to you in 4to 6 weeks. I will be retiring within the next month or two but I am concerned about my health insurance. What happens if you have your last day of work on Oct 15th. Will you have insurance coverage until the first when you receive your first pension check.
    Also what happens if you do not give them over 30 days notice. I should be able to hit 1802 before the end of September but do not want to give my date of Oct 1st just in case I don't hit the number. I am selling my house and moving so it is hard to just hangout and work longer.
    Any suggestions or possible answers would be appreciated.
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    Ever heard of H.R. ?
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  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Yes, you will have healthcare for the remainder of the month.

    No, you (normally) cannot retire after having given less than 30 days notice. It takes at least 90 days for the process.
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    I started the retirement process 6 months before I planned to retire. My advice to you is start harassing both the company and the
    union. Don't accept this 4 to 6 weeks crap. I called every day until I got the answers I wanted. Went to the union hall to fill out the
    pension forms with a union rep right there so I knew it was done right. Kept after H.R. continually until I got confirmation that
    everything was in order. If I were you I'd forget about that Oct 15th date already. You're not ready paperwork wise. Because I
    promise you if you leave until you're paperwork is absolutely correct you're going to get screwed down the road.
  5. olroadbeech

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    if you worked 13 days in your last month you will have ins your 1st month of retirement. I only worked 5 days but the co. paid anyways and my health insurer said don't worry bout it.

    after you send in initial paperwork, they have to wait for ups to send in the monthly report and that can take 4-6 weeks. we were assured that we would NOT lose coverage.

    then they send you a payment book or a form to set up a ACH. auto pay.

    UPS is notoriously slow on all this but just like a previous poster said we called HR and the health co. every week.
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    It takes 3weeks for your last weeks
    Hours to get to the Union for your final number
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    It took about 5 weeks after my last day at work (ups'er for 28 years) before my final hours of work were calculated for my retirement. I thought I was at least two weeks over what I needed, as it turns out, there were days and hours that were not part of the formula that was used, and in the end, I was only four hours over what I needed to retire. By the time I received my calculations, I had sold my home and moved into my retirement place. It was a surprise being so close to not having enough hours and I was glad that I was over hours, not under, but if I had known I would be over by four hours, I would have taken off a half-day!

    I don't know if this helps you with your original question about your health insurance, mine rolled over perfectly, but that was 2003. I just thought letting you know that your hours may calculate differently than you think, might be helpful to you.
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    We had 1 lady in HR who took care of retirement paperwork. Her office was about 100' from the feeder office. Luckily, She had been a clerk in the center when I started with the company, so we knew each other over 35 years. She took the time to help me fill out the paperwork that needed to be sent in, making sure it was right. If you make any mistakes, it causes delays. I did not give the company any advance warning I was retiring. I had been injured on the job, had surgery, off 10 months, and when I was cleared to come back, I tried, but could no longer do the job. I had heard about the time frames given for stuff to get done between here and Atlanta. I guess I got lucky. I got everything going in exactly half the time, so it can be done. Good luck to you, and enjoy your retirement.
  9. olroadbeech

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    it took 3 months before we were set up for retiree health care. we were month behind because it took ups so long to report my hours of my last month. i had a vacation the following month so only had 5 days for that month and did not qualify for my regular health care so that was on me i guess.

    so we had to make out 4 checks. for 2 months since spouse has separate account number.

    the benefit trust did not send form to set up auto pay or ACH so now we are waiting on that now.

    its a pain but at least the pension checks are auto deposited just like clockwork. kind of makes your day to see that.
  10. oldngray

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    I started getting my pension on the first day with no problems other than it taking them 5 months to realize they owed me another $2.50 per month. My problem was with the health insurance which was months of fighting to get straightened out.
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    Aren't you covered with insurance for the last quarter (Oct to Dec) . If you worked July to Sept. I thought it was . How it was always explained to me
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    Yes, you still have insurance for the last quarter which gives you time to get problems straightened out. Didn't matter. It took me months to get everything straightened out. It was like they had two offices that didn't know what the other was doing and kept mixing up paperwork.
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    An update... after basically begging someone to verify my hours for retirement, the head of finance in our district sent the HR department my hours. I went out with 1926 hours so I went ahead and retired on the last day of September. I am now trying to figure out the health care since I have not received anything in the mail concerning it. Hopefully I get some answers soon. I did see where they already paid me the vacation pay for next year. Thanks for every ones input.
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You should be covered through the end of the year for healthcare and will need to start paying for coverage 1/1/16.
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    Congratulations, you will be able to spend the holidays with your family this year!