HD, Glenn of WA, why did u put a huge target on your back? ??

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    Ok makavelli put up a YouTube of a hit n run captured by a security cam in my other thread

    Slow day and weather outside is crap so i was skimming other vids to come to Glenn's video series...WTF? !?

    Why did u put yourself out there like that? The squeaky wheel in this case didnt get the cheese with his"wine"

    Im not gonna link his other vids since you can obviously see why he was finally fired before peak ended. He was recording inside the terminal in one of them: big no ~ no

    I know the turn by turns arent perfect, but if that was a regular route, not a supplemental, you can work with your dispatcher or ops manager to zone it to your preference so u will drive to the same areas every day like clockwork

    His other videos about the sequence numbers are probably screwed up if they were making changes on the routes while you're scanning during the preload... when they are running multiple updates you gotta rescan a few just to make sure your load wasnt being shifted around.

    A proper way was management will assign some odd sequence numbers without messing with your original sequence numbers that are already PALed on your boxes (aka PiP package insertion process? )

    Scanners. He wasnt old-school enough to see we upgraded to Motorola from our previous Honeywell units.

    If i have a defective Powerpad, ill ask for another one. If it dies on me on route, ill just use that daily manifest and mark FD, SD, MC, etc for the non sig parcels & use a sig card or status tags for sig required ones... then giggle as i hand it over to management to hand sheet them in the next morning

    Neat, that all his stops were printed out on 2 pages on the visor. Thats a "tight route " i guess he didnt know about the joint venture with certain Garmin gps to download the whole manifest ...

    im too cheap to upgrade mine to see the full benefits of this. One hub i was working at has this already implemented, while the current one is still in the dark about it

    Back to Glen... dunno how u stooped so low to join the ranks of the bottom feeders, but think of it as a blessing that you've moved on.
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    When I was driving, the directions took me down dead ends where I could see the next stop a half mile across someones pasture land but by road was ten miles, logging roads, hiking trails, and forest service roads. Luckily I was not dumb enough to follow them, understood how addresses were numbered in each city/county, and knew how to read a map. Plus my route was spread over hundreds of square miles. And then the forest service roads that were useful the system didn't have a clue. I loaded my truck by the way I drove it, even though two stops on the manifest might be next in line, they might be 8 hours apart. The service mgr would see stops from another route that 'looked close' and ALWAYS manually transferred them to me, instead of the other way around. A half inch on the map could be 50 miles of driving when a mountain or a river is in the way. She never did learn how to read a map even after years of having it pointed out directly. Then they made her a manager.
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    I'm guessing a small contractor that lost out on the last ISP conversion and is all pissy now............Wait a minute that's Bounty!!!:)

    Looks like The guy that delivers ice cream out of an unmarked van to little kids.
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    Aw low blow on your fellow contractor....

    I doubt that Glen was a single owner ops, did u see how poorly loaded his stepvan was on other videos?

    Hmm, saw his gps, all the stops were flagged. So he must know the system.

    Lucky him that he can" skip trace" to go in a straight line.

    I used to do the same when i got a stepvan with shelves.

    Now im back to a old uhaul boxvan... at least it has FedEx ground on it so customers know im there to deliver
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    One of the commenters in that vid said that guy died a few weeks ago. Not sure if serious.
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    look at the bright side, he didn't go postal.
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    Oops, my bad all... my condolences if that's true

    but this guy was in WA, not FL

    i hope its a different Glen, or it's mispelled that last name in FL article.

    This Glen had a coffee shop in that state,but i guess starbucks n dunkin donuts priced him out of that game...
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    If he was in fact targeted he would be protected by the whistle-blower act.. but this didn't really seem like whistle-blowing, you are not required to READ these things while driving to do your job, the company can easily tell you and provide examples of employees/contractors who actually either read the directions(and remember them) or read the next stop address and have the area knowledge to drive there without needing directions...

    Honestly who needs directions between every damn stop...I see the HD guy driving staring at a piece of paper all day... try not using it for a week, you'll see how fast you learn your area.
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    Amen! Leave the map in the back of the truck and look at it in between stops. Take mental notes on how to get to your next stop and get it done. Make some wrong turns here and there and you're bound to find out some more detail on your route that you wouldn't have found using your phone or staring at a map all day.
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    As a cover swing now, it does help to get a bigger picture of all your stops for the day ... i dont stare at it, but did what longboy mentioned and skim it between stops

    Like what glen pointed out that sometimes the sequencing doesnt make sense (cough, look at ups orion model~ similar faults on some routes) its stupid if the trace wants you to cross a major highway multiple times- i do one side, then cross over.

    I also can spot the misplots if im on the same route for a week and adjust on the fly

    Dont get me started on zeroes... in this day and age there shouldn't be any