Health care and pension benefits


Does anybody know how much UPS is contributing to our (full time) health care and pension plan? All I can find in the contract book is in article 34 where it says it will be increased by this much each week this year, next year, etc. My last 3 contract books are all the same. Oookay, so, just how much is that now? I'm assuming we are all the same, or close to it.



Look in your Area Supplement under Pension and Health & Welfare. Every region is a little different. And The new UPS/IBT Pension Plan is different still, because there is no hourly contribution rate.

Here in New England, we contribute $5.26 per hour to the Pension and $7.16 to H&W, up to a 40 hour per week maximum. Sometimes a portion of the yearly H&W raise is reallocated to the Pension Fund.