Health Care Town hall Meeting

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    Finger bitten off during SoCal health protest

    The Associated Press
    8:17 a.m. September 3, 2009
    THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. — Ventura County authorities say a health care demonstrator had his finger bitten off during a fight with a counter-protester.
    Sheriff's Capt. Frank O'Hanlon says about 100 people demonstrating in favor of health care reforms rallied Wednesday night at a Thousand Oaks street corner when one protester walked across the street to confront about 25 counter-demonstrators.
    O'Hanlon says he got into a fight and bit off the left pinky of a 65-year-old man who opposed health care reform.
    A hospital spokeswoman says the man lost half the finger but doctors reattached it and he was sent home the same night.
    She says he had Medicare.
    O'Hanlon says the attacker fled but authorities have a good description.
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    Now this story is a valuable teching tool.
    Never point your finger, it's impolite.
    The health care reform debate will go down to the wire, it will be a nailbitter.
    There's another lesson here, just can't put my finger on it.
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    I dont know what to take from this story??? I just cant put my finger on it
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    I cant wait to go

    I will be sure to keep my fingers in my pockets.
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    Just remember Please Do Not Feed the Animals.:happy-very:
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    I had the pleasure of being on a teleconference call, with my local congresswoman, which lasted over 2 hours. 12,000 people were on the call, and questions were being asked, prescreened by operators, but nonetheless, some valid questions.

    The only answers not received was how specifically was the plan going to be paid for and what accountability issues would be put in place to eliminate waste and fraud. Two questions, I'm sure no politician will or can answer.
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    The attacker fled but they have a good description of him. Only a matter of time before someone fingers him.