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Discussion in 'UPS Retirement Topics' started by CMivelaz, Jan 17, 2014.

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    Since we will be receiving a lifetime cap on our retirement health insurance, does anyone know how UPS and/or the Teamster's can get away with this since the Affordable Health Care Act said this is now illegal?
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    The cap does not apply to Retirement plans .. only active employees.

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    The retiree lifetime cap was 500k. Is it getting reduced to 200k with new contract? Also, the original literature I got said something about you could recover S1000 back towards your limit every year but I have not seen that happen. I have not used my insurance much but if I do need to I want to have as much available as possible.
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    I assume Obamacare can be purchased once your each a lifetime max?
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    I think thats a gray area since its assumed most people will be able to get Medicare/Medicaid when a private plan runs out. But with the way that law is written we may not be able to do do.
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    The 200k limit is per year, not lifetime.
    No lifetime limit.
    200k can be used up quickly in a year, but, "I think" (not know) that charges can carry over into the next year.
    My colon cancer bout in 2010 cost about 200k, for just 10 days in the hospital and 12 weeks recovery.
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    I was talking about retiree plans which DO have a lifetime cap and are currently 500k and my question was whether that was going to change. And the Obamacare removal of lifetime caps only applies to plans with active employees - not retired plans.