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    Just found this forum amidst my quest to understand the psychopathology of full timers bent on playing keep away with the bid sheets.

    Yes...if you work at a hub or center with a queue of part timers with 14+ years of seniority a mile long, and then you as full timer sign a bid sheet, you have flagged yourself as trash.

    To all the part timers who are forced to work 16 hours a day while the full timers whine about their jobs being to difficult, I salute you.

    The only brown outta UPS these days is the kind you flush.

    I hope to be a ray of sunshine in the forums!

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  3. No. You told management you want that bid. They did their time, now they have the right to bid.
    What PTer works 16 hour days? We can't work you over 12 as a PTer. It won't even let us push it through timecards.

    You sound bitter. Good luck acting like that around here...
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    Have you been introduced to RickyB yet?
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    I agree
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    I think he is talking about working a second or third job along with working at UPS. Most of us have had to do that for years.
  7. diogenese

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    Just because it's legal doesn't make it "right". You're basically telling the PTers that you don't give two s***s about the dues they already paid.

    How about not signing the bid sheets for a year? Maybe limit it to every other bid sheet at least?

    NOOOOO! You ***holes have to sign every f***ing one. Give a nice big middle finger to the people who've paid their dues with compound interest.
  8. They already paid their dues.
    Once they win a bid they have to keep it for a period of time.
    They paid their dues too. Or did they all just magically just skip to the front of the line?
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    Let's see here....when they go FT after two years on the job and we're waiting for more than a decade then I would have to say YES! They didn't pay their dues, but we get to pay out the a**.
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    bid sheets?