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New poster, but I’ve been stalking this site for awhile. Joined brown as a preloader in June of last year, signed a bid sheet for RTD in that same month, qualified as an RTD in mid-October and then transitioned to full time a few days later (along with the RTD pay). I feel pretty lucky to have come this far so quickly. Facing a short lay-off right now due to low volume and being the low man on the pole, but going in for preload and local sort tomorrow to start getting my guaranteed hours.

Before UPS, I had a long career in the sign business; almost every aspect you can dream of between fabrication, welding, service, repair, installation, sales, project management and more. I’d worked many jobs before settling into the groove of a decade long career. When I was edged out of my cushy sign company amidst a corporate shakeup last year, I spent almost three months unemployed. UPS has not only put me back on my feet, but on a new and brighter path. It’s also helped me shed weight like crazy which has been nice. I know there is turmoil within and around right now, but I am proud to wear the badge and hopeful for the future.

I also enjoy long walks on the beach and cream corn wrestling. My favorite member of NSync is Harpo.

Looking forward to being a part of this community!


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G Dawg-
Making wise decisions now will pay dividends down the road.
Don't buy a 70k truck, boat and 300k house.
Definitely will make as many wise decisions as possible! Right now I’m just laying low, working as much as they’ll let me and crossing my fingers for a route before the year is up. Which, I doubt will happen, but still.

Don't have children . Also don't trust condoms at they aren't 100%. So you know what you need to do. .
I was actually going to say the thing about going around back until I saw you’d already beat me to it. No kids yet, but one day perhaps I’ll have a bastard somewhere!

I love you
Love you too man!