Hello Everyone!!


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I am new to this community and would love to join in on some of your discussions. I am a part timer and have been with company for 12 years and expect to retire in three, if I can last that long.

Please respond..

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Welcome, but dont expect for a bunch of people to respond to what you have posted. Most here have put in that many years in full time and have another 18-25 yet to go.



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He clearly isn't in the Central States coverage area!
.....or perhaps someone has grossly misled him/her into thinking this is possible.


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I understand that.
My comment was subtle sarcasm aimed at CS.
I would have used some cutesy icons rolling in laughter but I'm just a dumb truckdriver and don't know, or care, about how to use cool stuff like the "quote" function and the icons.
I'm still curious where he/she came up with retirement after 15 years unless he/she knows something I don't.


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ups79, some part timers do share pension benefits with the full timers it all depends on where he/she is from and their age..