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    Hi all!
    I started working preload at a small center on the west coast exactly 3 years ago today, and I am currently looking at driver school in the next month or so, definitely before peak.

    I've lurked here on and off for a couple years but I figured I'd finally make an account and participate a little. :-)

    I'm 29 years old and things that I spend my time on include a second job at a pack and ship store, playing semi-pro football and city league softball, sailing a 16 foot catamaran, duck hunting, traveling, drinking good whiskey, playing video games, and reading.

    If anyone has tips or tricks for memorizing the 5, 10, and 8 I'd appreciate it as I'm absolutely godawful at rote memorization.
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    Welcome and good luck to you
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    You like walks on the beach at sunset?
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    I just wrote them out repeatedly that's what helped me..I know some guys recorded themselves saying it then played it on repeat while they were driving or sitting around the house