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    I'm a part-time employee at the Jacksonville hub and a month away from my three year anniversary with UPS. That being said, I am absolutely desperate to leave this unholy marriage. I'm interested in going back to school and getting my CLA license, but the courses offered at UNF are non-credit courses. So this led me to wonder if anyone on here has used UPS tuition reimbursement to pay for certifications or if UPS will only cover people seeking diplomas.
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    I found a 1-800 number for the EDCOR office that manages the E&L program, so I'll be calling them Monday to see if they will reimburse students in non-credit courses. I'll be sure to post what they tell me on here for posterity. It's interesting that not all the locations offer the E&L program, though. Read a post on here while I was searching for information on tuition reimbursement and the poster mentioned it might have something to do with how high/low the hub's turnover rate is. I don't know about other places, but UPS is often described as "the job everyone quits" in Jacksonville. We recently lost three people in the span of a month on my PD.
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    I called EDCOR and was told that E&L does not reimburse any non-credit courses or exam fees.
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    Thanks for sharing that info papyrophobia.