Help! I need info and cant find it! please.....



my husband is a ups delivery driver.. he has not been at it as long as the lot of you but he has been there seven years now. My husband loves UPS, he loves the job and the long hours and he never ever wants to leave. The problem i am having is that we are selling our house in connecticut. I want to leave the state but ups doesn't allow drivers to transfer. His steward, supervisor and human resources tell him he has to quit... get re-hired.. and start over at the bottom... my husband of course doesn't think this is a good idea. He will actually consider starting over somewhere else (and unloading trucks again) if he knew what the driver waiting list was in another area.. i have found that this almost impossible to find out.(cant even get phone numbers for the hubs to call them). and short of driving to all fifty states and actually knocking on the door of the hubs i cant figure out how to find out which ups is hiring and how long the driver waiting list is. i am sure some states have a better turn around then others but which states? does anyone know where i can go for help??? i tried the site but they cant help... does anyone out here in brown cyberspace know??? or have a phone number??? i love my ups husband and i have gotten used to the 12 hour days and holidays but i want out of the tax u to death state! All help is appreciated... ty


Not easy, you would be quitting and seeking employment from the outside. This is currently on a 5 to 1 ratio.(inside to fulltime vs. outside hire) To be rehired as p/t in another area of the country and gain the seniority needed to bid to fulltime varies as you mentioned but I know of no where in the southeast that is less than five years at present. There may be such a place, I am just not aware of it. Good luck