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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by randallj, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. randallj

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    Hopefully this won't come off to whinny, but I have a co-worker that gets away with murder and a sup that is scared to act for racial reasons. I've spoke with the sup with little or no action taking place and are union rep appears to be on his side although i haven't had the oppertunity to speak with her.

    Today I nearly lost it as I was informed I got to load one of his trucks. I work the front of the line splitting the belt and already load 4 trucks of my own. Now stuck the 5th truck I am forced to watch him dance and sing while I contemplate murder. What can I do to help him have a speedy departure from the company before I have my ticket?
  2. over9five

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    The first thing you do is reduce your speed to match his.

    It will be no problem. We all know there is no favoritism at UPS.
  3. randallj

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    I take pride in my work, is my only option to suck as bad as him?
  4. freeloader

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    If he's as bad as you say he is, he will get promoted and be your boss in no time.
  5. Storm723

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    Can you talk to your sup and get moved to another set? Maybe being next to him won't distract you as much and you can continue your focused, good work?
  6. bellesotico

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    How do you know that your sup is "scared to act for racial reasons"?

    And I must say..I'm quite impressed..seriously. A four car pull and doing the split.:surprised:
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    Yes. UPS will stick you with whatever work you are capable of. If you kick lots of ass you get more work. If you totally suck you get less work.

    Just work a pace that you can maintain without injuries and you'll be fine! I think going extra slow just to get less work is pathetic but don't hump too hard!
  8. hoser

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    do your job. let that person do their job. if the supervisor wants you to do their job for them, then do it. look at it this way: you can load 3 pcars in 1 hour, or half of 6 pcars in 1 hour. stop whining and crying, there are lots of dynamics and facts that supervisors have to deal with. you are unionized, so use that power to play games with the supervisor. its the UPS way to survival. take a :censored2: on your productivity, see what they do. crying and putting in double the effort won't do a thing. play the game of UPS operations management.

    YES. i was a great worker who became miserable because of the lack of respect from the people above me. so then i got miserable and played the game of trying to piss off the supervisor by playing certain cards, like "hey, you can't do unionized work!" and "hey! i'm not lifting a pallet jack from my feet to my stomach level, that's stupid and unsafe!" man that would piss off supervisors so much.
    it made my days at UPS a little less unbearable. then i quit and now i am at a job that pays a better hourly wage, is less work, and that I don't have to get drunk after every night.

    i used to say "i take pride in my work", then everyone laughed at me. three months later, i realized why. spend your energy doing other things, like volunteering or something.
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  9. tieguy

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    Ever try telling the lazy co-worker that you're tired of carrying his weight?
  10. tieguy

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    I think the shop stewards should take the co-worker out into the parking lot and beat him to a pulp for making teamster labor look bad. But then what do I know about pride in workmanship:happy-very:
  11. 705red

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    Im pretty sure you wouldnt fire the steward for violence in the work place, right tie?

    You supervise a feeder department, what about 50 guys each doing 2 to 5 stops a day. Go manage a package center with 50 drivers doing at least 150 stops a piece per day then talk to me about pride in workmanship.
  12. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I'm not against unions at all but this situation is one of the negatives that comes with the territory. In most companies a lazy and unproductive (those two words tend to be married to each other) would be shown the door early on. I wish our union would be one of the few to fight this. I worked for a union company before I started at UPS and they didn't tolerate people like that. That union was replaced a few years ago by the Teamsters but the company still doesn't have to tolerate dead beats. Why is it that UPS does?
  13. BrownShark

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    I have some great advice for you:


    Let nature take its course. Your productivity and someone elses is of no significance to anyone, definately not me.

    If you continue to "snitch" on your co-worker to both the Union and the company, you will VIOLATE the local Unions By-laws that forbid this action.

    In doing so, you could face your local executive board if this employee is disciplined for something you said or did that caused him to either be disciplined or terminated.

    This sanction can be whatever the Ex Board see fit to justify as punishment. "I" personally would have you face the Ex. board and deduct a weeks pay straight out of your check via "TITAN".

    You cannot stop this or appeal this.

    Your actions cannot harm another teamster no matter how you feel. Your feelings dont have contractual protections, his employment does.

    So, instead of acting like a little B*tch, why not just do the job YOU are suppose to do and let the company deal with him "IF" they see fit to do so, this is not part of your job description.

    Its of no importance to anyone how many trucks you load, you still get paid by the hour, and if youre dumb enough to tackle extra trucks for the same money as someone doing 25% less, then you get the certificate of stupidity for the week.

    I could care less about your productivity, your job is to manage yourself, not the others on your pens. If this other guy is dancing and singing, did you ever think that he is celebrating the fact that someone like you is doing his work while he gets paid?

    I would whistle as well.

    I am sure that you left out the fact that this employee is senior to you and you are still in your superman phase of your employment....

    But that will end as soon as you hurt yourself, then the joke will be on you.

    Be careful what you whisper, facing your E board can be a costly thing if you want to act like the class snitch at recess.

  14. Because they know that the best in the brightest won't stand for the working conditions after a few days.
  15. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    ???? If they cracked down on dead weight then the conditions would improve. I would think the the best and brightest would stick around for that.
  16. Fredless

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    You do not have the union mentality sadly.

    1)This P.O.S. will eventually get caught with a supervisor/manager that has the BALLS to take him on. What they do here if the old race card gets pulled, is assign an appropriately colored management member to that person.

    2)You sound like the perfect canidate for management.

    3)follow their methods but do not do intentional work slowdown/stoppage. If you follow all of thier HABITS or commentary whatever-the-hell they call them now and six side check each and every package/letter AND make sure the PAL labels face outward - you will only be able to load 2 cars TOPS unless your're some type of machine.

    In the end, you have done this to yourself because like others have said the company will keep putting on you as much as they can. Guess what? You get injured ONCE or get a couple misloads and they will crucify you.

    Whatever you do, don't tell this guy he's a POS or you're tired of caryring his load. He will get angry, you will yell back and you both will be fired for workplace violence. Also, what I do is just bid out of the damn job! If you're in some tiny center, ask to load on another belt.
  17. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    I have an issue with #1. The problem with that is people like that rarely get fired and they rarely quit. On the rare occasion that they do get fired the union almost always gets their job back. The ones that quit are soon replaced by another. If its in a hub it's that or someone else that quits after a few months. At my location turnover is VERY low so when someone is hired and makes it past their 30 day qualification period we are pretty much stuck with them until they decide to quit. I just don't understand the union's apparent need to stick up for these kinds of people. I thought the union was supposed to protect those that have been wronged? Not the other way around? I'm so glad I'm a driver. I don't have to put up with this crap once I leave the building every morning. I don't miss the hub work and having to watch so many get away with being worthless and others having to pick up the slack.
  18. Mike Hawk

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    Fair days work for a fair days pay mean anything to you?
    First you tell him to let nature take its course and do nothing, then you call him stupid for loading the extra truck, a result of him not doing anything. Hypocrisy at it's best. Tell me what would you do in that situation? Let nature take its course and load 5 trucks along with splitting the belt?

    OP I would ask to be moved to another position, if you have the seniority you could bump someone off a preferred position. If you can't get moved there is not much you can do, other than sinking to his level and failing at your job.
  19. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    question: Sorry for OT! does full-time seniority trump part-time? There are preferred jobs that management says I cannot get in a Primary Direct because part-timers have 8 and 15 years seniority, I'm 7, but I am full-time 22.3. Thanks.
  20. drewed

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    Wow umm we havent had this prob in awhile, i think our BA polled the workers and came up .7 to 1 ratio pt:ft. since hours worked would somewhat equal out, and the ft would get a benefit for accepting a ft position. Id check with your steward see if they have anything going on like that.