Help? Package left at UPS facility?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by ogorringe, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. ogorringe

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    Hi, Package: 1Z9FE7496806650425

    I really hope someone can shed some light on what might be happening and thanks in advance. :happy-very:

    I ordered some goods from for next-day delivery on the 12th and also received an e-mail to inform me that my package was on its way the same day.

    Ive been tracking my package and noticed it was at my local UPS facility the day after so at least its made it, but on the day ( wed) we had around a inch of snow ( bearly anything), therefore i believe my package was held up until the next day. I checked on Thursday morning to see " Out for delivery" and was expecting my package, but at around 2pm theres an update saying " Package left at a UPS facility/Delivery rescheduled, and no new updates today (Fri) :dissapointed: I am unsure what this means and I'm really hoping nothing has happened to it.

    I tried to contact my local UPS depot ( Crawley ) but was redirected to your main number ( 0845 ) and was on hold for 30 mins before giving up.

    Any ideas when I'm going to be expecting my package?


    P.S I think i posted this on the wrong section before so sorry for the duplicate.
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    call the 800 number. this is not an official UPS site. If you know where the local depot is, go there and see if someone will hand it to you.
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    The OP is from Great Britain. I tracked the package and is still is listed as Exception. I would bet that there may be some issues with the customs paperwork.
  4. barnyard

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    yep, I saw that.

    My advice still applies. This is not an official UPS site and the official UPS phone number will be the place for the most accurate information.
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