Help, please! Lost member ID and questions.

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    Hello fellow UPS employees! I worked for UPS the summer after graduating high school in 2008 until I left for boot camp in October of 2008. I signed up for the military absence program through UPS and understand that I am still an active UPS employee accruing seniority. Am I still eligible for any UPS benefits? I am currently taking four online college classes and would like to use their tuition assistance or apply for any scholarships I can.

    Also, is my employee ID # useful for shipping discounts? I have been trying to contact my human resources for my hub but can't get anywhere. How do I track down my employee ID number? I worked in the Lenexa, KS hub.

    Thank you in advance for any help.
  2. Brownslave688

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    No ups employee gets shipping discounts.
  3. ORLY!?!

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    This is correct. Each package needs to be p/p for or COD before it goes along its way. You can drop parcels off at HR, but they still need to be payed for 100%. I know, UPS; them stingy little....
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    The only question I can answer with any authority is the one about tracking down your employee ID number.

    Look at any pay stub in your possession. Under your name is Employee I.D. #
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    We actually had a clerk that was just a few years from retiring get fired for sending packages for free to his relatives in another country. Had been doing it for years damn technology finally got him!!!
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    More like, "Damn the clerk for taking such a stupid risk with his job"!!
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    Do you keep your old 1040 tax records? If you do, your UPS W-2 from 2008 with your employee ID number should be in it.
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    UPS should have a discount on shipping for our employees who are serving our country !! That would be a kind jesture on their part !! Ohhhh Wait,,I forgot where i worked !! never mind !!
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    Hey I work out of the Lenexa hub. Do you remember who your fulltime sup was? I might be able to pass your email address to them. What shift did you work on?