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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by fedup14, May 28, 2014.

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    I drove over peak season was hired oct 2013and was kept on as a part time preloader in January 2014. I've asked many ?s but none have been answered i still have no idea what my wage progression should be, when i'll get vacation time and how much, is there any bonuses or anything like that? Also is the talk about retro pay only for drivers? Can someone please help
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    Don't know about your seasonal driving, but as far as being kept as a preloader, here is what you should be getting:
    January $11 ($1.50 of first 90 days retro, 50¢ there after til Apr 25)
    January 2015 $11.50
    January 2016 $12
    January 2017 $13
    January 2018 $13.50
    Aug 2018 Whatever the next contract says you get

    You won't get any vacation til next year which will dependent on your supplement and normally
    1 week after 1 year
    2 week after 2 years
    3 weeks after 8 years
    4 week after 15 years
    5 week after 20 years
    6 week after 25 years
    An additional option week(used as another vacation week) in some areas, paid sick days in others.

    No bonuses for any pt, ft drivers can get paid greater of planned day or worked day(not in all locals).

    Retro for everyone
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    You're on the new PT wage progression for preloaders:

    Start: $11.00/hr
    Seniority + 1 year: $11.50
    Seniority + 2 years: $12.00
    Seniority + 3 years: $12.50
    Seniority + 4 years: $13.00

    After four years, you'll receive the general wage increases.

    1 week of vacation at one year, 2 weeks of vacation at two years, 3 weeks at nine years, 4 weeks at 15, 5 weeks at 20.

    Personal days/sick days vary by supplement.

    Not sure if you're entitled to retro pay as you were a seasonal hire and drove at the seasonal driver rate.
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    So when i started in january i was being paid $9.50 an hour an just recently got $11 an hour. would i get retro pay at the $1.50 an hour difference from the hours i worked that i only got paid $9.50? Also what do i need to do to get an account on upsers havent been able to set one up?
  5. upschuck

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    Yes you should get retro. Why are you not able to get onto UPSers? UserID is your employee ID and your initial password is a combination of your last name, ssn, and birth year I think. It will tell you exactly what to enter when you try to set up your account. If you still can't get on, go to your HR dept and they can set it up, or reset it for you.
  6. PiedmontSteward

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    Go to HR to get your account setup -- you need your employee ID number to log-in; it's been a while since I set mine up, but your initial password might be your social security number.

    You're owed that $1.50/hr retroactively since January.
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    I don't know why i can't its ridiculous i get to point where i can change password then wont let me log in guess i'll go to hr thanks everyone for help i think i got over paid on my retro pay but need to login and see my paystub to know for sure
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    He doesn't need to go to HR to set up his upsers access as it can all be done from the home screen. He will need his employee ID number. As I recall the password is his birthday, including the year---he can (and should) change it to something he likes as soon as he logs in for the first time.
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    Can you let me know if you got retro pay for your seasonal hours? I was a driver helper and I'm wondering if the retro stuff appplies to me. The common opinion here seems to be "maybe, but probably not" but I'd like a definitive answer.
  10. fedup14

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    Yes as soon as i my upsers account working i will say i'm pretty sure I was either overpaid or i did get retro pay for seasonal i'll comment when i figure it out
  11. upschuck

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    If you still work for UPS, I wouldn't be surprised if you did get paid for seasonal.
  12. mrbungle

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    I don't.

    I guess I could go harass someone in HR at the hub but I don't think they're likely to care enough to even figure out if I got a check.
  13. fedup14

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    Can someone tell me tbeoretically what the retro pay per hr would be for seasonal drivibg was making $16.10
  14. fedup14

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    @mrbungle i was a seasonal driver not helper so i'm not sure in your case calculation of the hours i've worked for seasonal and preload matched the hours on my paystub for the retro pay but the pay i received was more than $1.50 an hour so i have no clue something might be messed up?
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    Maybe the seasonal rate changed in 2013 so when the contract raises Were not in effect when you drove peak, you may 2 seperate wages that increased. Check with your steward/ business agent.
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    in my local, we get 3 weeks vacation after 5 years.
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    From what I've seen, no retro pay for pt progression. They all got their regular raises at their year anniversary during the contract extension. When the contract ratified, everyone got their catch up raises. Because they still received their raises during the extension, there's nothing to retro pay.
  19. upschuck

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    PT progression should absolutely have gotten retro checks. No doubt about it.
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    I think my retro check was to much the amount of hours were right but was paid like $2.65 an hour another seasonals drivers check was about the same though and we worked close to same hours so idk guess i'll wait and see what happens