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    well today was my first "official " day even though I have been supervising it for a month now. The problems i see are that everyday it seems i have a different set of loaders.. no set staff in place and ppl starting their pulls 45 mins late because we need to put ppl in them, because of call outs. I fit was my choice id hop right in and start it at 3 : 45 when i get there if they are going to call out at least get a head instead of starting a 4 truck 1100piece pull at 4 30 ..? I currently have no go to guy really .. I was that guy on the belt but now im running the belt.. We didnt get done til 8:45 today either I had 2 guys left on the boxline at 8: 45 too .. it was a mess because of late start times and other circumstances .. ( stacking outside trucks .. basicly had a 3 person platoon in one pull today ) ..
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    Well pull in the reigns, make a staffing and stick to it. People call out, it happens if its hibitual and they burn their sick time tell them its gone and they NEED to be at work. Youre gonna have to piss people off to get respect, its a culture shock for you and them, youre their boss now you and they need to realize that or youre gonna get walked all over. If you explain your exact situation, splits, number of people, unload etc i maybe able to help you out more
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    ok we have 5 loaders on the belt ..

    2 spots are basicly vacant and there are no set ppl everyday in these spots.. 1 guy is still getting to know his new pull also

    pulls are generally :
    1. 700 pieces
    2 1400 pieces ( lot of smalls and bulk stops )
    3 1100 pieces
    4 900
    5 900

    now 3 and 4 and basicly vacant and have to be filled in on a daily basis because there is no one for them spots yet. The 1100 piece pull has a start time of 3:45 and the person who does it usally starts around 4;20-4:30 .. thats not going to work out as it had today when around 7 : 30 his bins were still riding around packed .. now we do get late smalls around 7 : 45 about 6 totes full that need to be sorted also ..this is very time consuming also.
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    so im guessing thats the order you have them in too? and youre saying youre supposed to have 5? or you actually have 5? id put the 1&2 together at the end, put the new guy on 1 have 2 people split the 1100 and 1 900 then have the last guy do the last one.....why is he not showing up till 430??? and when ever i do a staffing, i always short change it by one, in case we get a call in and if not its gravy and they can help where its needed
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    How can you post if you quit? That's weird.
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    i figured you needed someone to save your arse
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    From? If you're still here then that means you made a "quit thread" for attention. If you're gonna post a quit thread, quit.
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    guy on pull 1 does it strictly by address m.. pal lable cant be used for this truck.

    he doesnt start to 4:30 because everybodys sitting there thinking what to do when there are extras already in the building .. practicly right outside the office so he could start sooner .. i dont know why they wait so long to tell him when to start at 4 30 when he could have been 45 mins in already.. The f/t and other sups are just sitting there thinking what to do when he could have started at least a half hour sooner so he doesnt get jammed up
  9. drewed

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    if you wanna go into chat it maybe more productive....
    Youre a sup correct? then tell him that 345 is his start time and to get started on his pull
  10. pkg handler

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    well today I didnt even seem to wait and had to start his pull for him because he came in 4:30 ... ughhh not that I care too much loading isn't that bad .. and i got a good amount of it out of the bins when he arrived

    I had everyone off the clock by 8:20 today with some people leaving at 730 and he took a 20 mins break

    heres what i had:





    pull 5

    slide guy ( helped sort massive amount of late totes )


    not too bad ..
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    Wow. You guys must work in a nice light area. Didnt get done till 8:45? That's a early day for us. We we're slammed today (day before any holiday is always crazy). I didnt walk off the boxline till 9:20! And we were fully staffed. Some cages had 2 or 3 people pulling. We never get done before 9.

    As for lazy employees and people who dont show up, warn them and document it each and everytime. Taking them in a room and screaming at them doesnt do a thing. Telling them if they call in one more time theyre gonna lose theyre job doesnt do a thing. Because if you do try to take they're ID and send them home, all they have to do is contact a steward and they'll have theyre job back with back pay. Warn and document. Warn and document. Make sure a steward is present each time you discipline the employee too. Not only will it make it official, it will also show the employee...this is a serious matter and you need to change something or your gonna get the boot.
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    well i work in a major hub in a metro area ( 1mil + ) .. my guys m,ust have been kicking butt then lol.. it could have benn earlier had i not had to break a jam ... that waste d a good 10- 15 mins