help the new guy, PLEASE!

Phil Johnson

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ok im a new driver, not yet past the 30 days. or 90 days to make 30 in. yet i've been in my hub for 3 months now. it seems like i'll get 1 week of work and get laid off for 2 or more!

My question is about collecting unemployment. I collected one week but the guy at the UE office insisted that I HAVE to keep looking for work. i have a serious problem with that. I'm not gonna leave a sweet gig like this to keep some schmuck at unemployment happy. besides, i could theoretically be back to work tomorrow. I have to call in daily to see if im working. did i screw up how i filed for unemployment? should i re-file and say i get my work through a union? i haven't heard of anyone else having to look for work while collecting.

Also, i'm not sure of when i'll make seniority either. i was told by a few people that you can work 30 days for it, or if you are working and or laid-off for 90 days you make seniority. is this true or do you get the automatic boot-in-the-ass back to part time if you hit 90


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On the flip side, have you asked if you could make up some of your hours by working on the inside, whether on the preload or at night on the metro? I would think that rather than sit at home and collect unemployment you should be out there working. I worked at both a grocery store (at night) and at an auto parts store (during the day) when I was a cover driver. The auto parts store was very accomodating to my schedule as they knew that I was trying to go full time at UPS. You may want to look in to a temp agency or perhaps try to find a side job, maybe in construction, which would pay you under the table while you are waiting to drive. I would definitely try to see if you can make up your hours in the hub but I don't think that you will be eligible for unemployment at this time.
Or you could just go on the interviews they set up and turn down any offers made, saying the pay isn't high enough.
Upstate's idea isn't a bad one either, most cities of size has agencies that provide for day work.


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The rule in THIS state is that if you are a member of a union, you are exempt from searching for 1-3 jobs a week, on the assumption that you are now put on a placement board at the union hall and if any jobs in your class or training area come up, the union will contact you.

It is also the rule that you do not have to take any job that pays lower than the one that you have just been laid off from or that you are trained for.

REMEMBER, I said, " THIS state"! Check yours to make sure.


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Just go to the interviews and tell them the trueth...You will only work there from day to day. Tell them you will call them an hour before your start time if you can't make it that day.


Go get a job that accommodates you. I hate having to pay into unemployment just so people can sit around and collect money for nothing. It is just another form of welfare.