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    Ok here is my dilemma. I came across an ad on craigslists about training for class a cdl liscense with job assistance into companies such as fed ex, ups, saii, old dominion, coca-cola, wal-mart,dollar general and oilfield trucking companies in which this man claimed to have contracts with all these companies and more insuring he could get me interviewed and employed with any of the said above by obtaining cdl a thru his company. The cdl a part is true but the company will not hold true to job assistance half and has now cheated me out of $2,000.00 + of my hard earned money. After completing the cdl course he says he will send application (ups package car driver) after paying $500.00 sent thru wuqc,it has been days since i've done this know he will not pick up his phone nor return my calls. I feel bad now because there are always numerous people going thru this class of his and losing there money weekly. Now i have a cdl a with now one going to hire without proper training. Who can i call at ups corporate to help get this scum bag off the streets. I am not making this up neither here is a craigslist ad by him or similar company fraudster doing the same thing. I'll also post his youtube video.
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    Not a UPS problem.
    I doubt that anyone in Transportation or HR really cares about this.
    People are scammed everyday using UPS as an aid or false impressions.

    I assume you are not a UPS employee?
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    I don't know what you are complaining about $2000 for a cdl is cheap!! I had to take a week off no pay, room and board. They generally run 4500 to 5500!
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    12 prior post on this site .And you are just brining this up? to me thats is the sign of a troll who may be in that bougus bussniess.. trying to get some pointers on our comments to better yourself.


    Yeah wow had to comletely delete what I had said. Scammers everywhere! My heart first went out cause I have alot of friends who have been scammed.
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    First why don't you go after all the other company's you listed first , second you are a member on a ups site but you don't work for ups , third you are a sucker and no matter what anybody does to stop scams their are suckers to fall for it we live in the world of Internet do your homework before you give up your money to anything or anybody
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    Congratulations! :happy_new_year:
    Now you get to live in a rolling condo that says SWIFT, or SCHNEIDER, or ENGLAND, etc. for the next 2 years.:bloodshot:
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    You can drive UPS feeders in about 20 years. If you last that long in Package cars, and drive safe for 20 years.....
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    UPS isn't going to do anything to this go he didn't do anything to UPS and he isn't claiming to be a part of UPS. Did you get everything that he promised you in writing ??? You said job he was offering assistance that doesn't mean your guaranteed to get a job with one those companies. Job assistance is telling or showing you what you need to do to apply for a CDL jobs in with those companies.

    If you have a complaint you might want to take it up with your BBB or contact your state department of labor...
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    if the company gave him 1 lead they completed there contract i still think hes the scam
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    I gave up reading at "craigslists."
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    Not around here. We got some youngins in feeders. Probably 22-24 years old.
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    Um , Yeah, that about sums it up in a nutshell.
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    Yeah, a quick flip through the classifieds shows more than enough work for someone with a CDL.

    Really hate the internet anymore. Scammers have ruined everything. Ebay used to be great, now with a lot of auctions you have to go over them with a fine tooth comb checking for ridiculous shipping charges, fake merchandise, or hell anymore with a lot of things, is it even worth it to save a buck or two? You will see iPods, PS3's etc sell for say $10 less than retail, and that's before shipping. Why wouldn't you just use Amazon.

    And :censored2: Craigslist. That's for kinky sex hookups, and weirdos who will want to trade you a lawn mower plus cash for trying to sell a dirtbike.